Age Verification

Confirm Your Age: A Gateway to Exclusive Content

The safety and well-being of our community are our top priorities at Ninja Vapes. We limit the age at which anyone above the age of 18 can access our goods as part of our commitment to responsible vaping.

Please fill out our Age Verification in checkout form by providing your date of birth before you explore the thrilling world of Ninja Vapes and make any purchases. For registered users, it is not necessary but for newcomers, it is necessary to verify their age. Since we strictly attach to legal regulations that forbid the sale of vaping products to anybody under the age of 18, this step is essential for age compliance.

Why Age Verification Matters at Ninja Vapes!

To comply with regulations, it is unlawful to sell vaping products, including electronic cigarettes and nicotine-containing vapor products, to individuals under the age of 18. By placing an order with Ninja Vapes, you are consenting to age verification by entering your age, conducted after a successful order placement. To ensure compliance and security, a nominal shadow payment will be temporarily authorized on your card. In the event of age verification issues, the funds will be promptly returned. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and law-abiding vaping community.

Ensuring Age Compliance: Our Verification Process at Ninja Vapes!

At Ninja Vapes, our commitment to age compliance is fixed, evident in our robust verification process aligned with legal regulations. Placing an order with us means actively participating in our secure verification system through entering your age, and confirming your legal age to purchase vaping products.

As an added security step, a temporary shadow payment may be authorized on your card during verification to ensure fund availability. Rest assured; this temporary authorization is promptly returned in the event of unsuccessful age verification. Your privacy and security are important, and we appreciate your cooperation in encouraging a responsible and law-abiding vaping community at Ninja Vapes.