Exploring Lost Mary a Flavour Adventure

August 17, 2023

Lost Mary is a popular brand of disposable E-cigarettes. It provides a safer option compared to regular cigarettes.

Elf Bar, a renowned name in the vaping industry, is the creator of Lost Mary, a popular brand of disposable e-cigarettes. These compact devices are specifically designed to offer simplicity and convenience, making them an ideal choice for individuals who are constantly on the go or frequently attend events.

Lost Mary vapes provide a safer option compared to regular cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes with numerous harmful chemicals, Lost Mary vapes have significantly fewer chemicals, making them a much safer choice for vaping enthusiasts.

Lost Mary Product Range:

Lost Mary understands that vapers have different preferences and needs, which is why they offer a diverse range of vaping products. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, Lost Mary has something for everyone. From disposable vapes for those seeking convenience and simplicity, to more advanced vape kits for those who enjoy customization and control, with extensive Lost Mary product range, Lost Mary ensures that there is a product to cater to every vaper's unique requirements. With their commitment to quality and variety, Lost Mary strives to provide a satisfying vaping experience for all.

Lost Mary Devices:

Lost Mary offers an impressive lineup of 12 different vape devices, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Among these devices, three are specifically designed to be TPD-compliant, ensuring that they meet the necessary regulations and standards.

TPD-Compliant Lost Mary Devices:

Lost Mary offers three TPD-compliant devices: the BM600, AM600, and QM600. These Lost Mary devices are extremely popular among vapers and provide approximately 600 puffs of flavourful vapor. One of the main distinctions between the three kits is their unique appearances.

  • Lost Mary BM600:

    The Lost Mary BM600 is a compact vape device that has a bottle-shaped design. Its unique style adds to the overall comfort and brand appeal. Each flavour features a dual color scheme, enhancing its visual appeal. It's a great choice for those who want a stylish and comfortable vaping experience. The BM600 offers a wide selection of 33 flavours, all of which contain 2% nic salt. This makes them smooth to vape, even with their high strength. The Lost Mary BM600 is a mouth-to-lung (MTL) disposable vape device that comes with 2ml of e-juice. It is equipped with a 550mAh internal battery, allowing for a longer vaping session. With an estimated lifespan of approximately 600 puffs, it offers vapers a satisfying experience. The size of BM600 is 66mm in height, 35mm width and 16mm depth. And have dual-tone matte color.

  • Lost Mary AM600:

    The Lost Mary AM600 is an intriguing option that seeks the best opinion. It has a sleek and slender design, with a long shape and a smooth, single-colored plastic finish.

    AM600 vape kit compact size makes it lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for discreet vaping. It is designed to fit comfortably in your pocket, ensuring convenience on the go. Its flat shape sets it apart from other disposable vapes in terms of style and functionality.

    The AM600 has a wide selection of 22 flavours, all of which contain 2% nic salt. It is a small and portable disposable pod kit that runs on a built-in 550mAh battery. Each Lost Mary AM600 bar provides a satisfying vaping experience with up to 600 puffs per bar.
    The size of AM600 is 111mm x 20mm x 12mm with see-through color plastic finish.

  • Lost Mary QM600:

    The Lost Mary QM600 comes in a similar pod device shape, but with a wider and taller design. It features a wider mouthpiece, providing vapers with a comfortable vaping experience. The Lost Mary QM600 kit has an eye-catching design with a clear plastic cover that showcases a dual-tone metallic finish.

    The Lost Mary QM600 is a convenient disposable vape kit that offers a wide selection of 18 delectable flavours to choose from. It is equipped with a high-capacity 550mAh battery, ensuring a remarkable 600 puffs of flavourful vapor. The device contains 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid, delivering a smooth and satisfying draw that even heavy smokers will appreciate.

    The Lost Mary QM600 has compact dimensions measuring 96.7 x 28.4 x 14.2 mm. The kit's clear design showcases a dual-tone metallic finish, adding a touch of style to your vaping device.

Non-TPD Compliant Lost Mary Devices:

Non TPD-Compliant Lost Mary devices often come in larger sizes, allowing for more battery power and pod capacity compared to TPD-compliant devices. In the UK, disposable vapes have to follow certain rules. They can only have a 2ml e-liquid capacity and a maximum nicotine strength of 20mg/ml. Non-TPD compliant devices can offer a greater capacity and more power for vapers seeking a stronger vaping experience. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that these devices are not available for sale in the UK due to their non-compliance with current regulations.

Non TPD-Compliant Lost Mary devices include:

MO5000, OS5000, Luster 0S5000, PSYPER, OS4000, BM3500, BM5000, CM1500, 3000 + 3000 PRO.

User-Friendly Lost Mary Vapes:

User-friendly Lost Mary disposable vapes are incredibly easy to use. Unlike more complex vape kits, Lost Mary disposables come pre-filled, pre-charged, and ready to use straight out of the box. This convenience allows you to enjoy vaping without any hassle or additional setup.

With Lost Mary disposables, users can enjoy the convenience of not having to deal with e-liquid refills or complicated coil changes. There are no fancy screens or complicated settings to navigate, making it easy for beginners or everyone to pick up and use right away.

Lost Mary Vape Battery:

Each Lost Mary device is equipped with a built-in battery. TPD-compliant Lost Mary Vape battery comes pre-charged and ready to use. However , once the battery is depleted, it cannot be recharged, it will need to be replaced.

Lost Mary Flavours:

The Lost Mary brand is known for its exceptional taste and high-quality products. With an extensive selection of the best Lost Mary flavours available, one has plenty of options to choose from and find the perfect one that satisfies a taste buds. Whether you prefer fruity, dessert-inspired, or refreshing flavours, Lost Mary has something for everyone.

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Alexander on 29th of August 2023

Strawberry kiwi


Philips on 25th of August 2023

Lost Mary an adventurous flavour. Thank you Ninja vapes


Nick on 21st of August 2023

New and tasteful flavour.