The Cost Difference: Smoking Cigarettes VS Vaping

January 3, 2023

If you want to know what the most expensive aspect of smoking cigarettes is, it's easy to figure out: the harm caused to the human body. However, there are additional advantages to switching from cigarettes to vaping. Not only will this lifestyle decision benefit your health, but it will also benefit your cash, not to mention the surprisingly beneficial ramifications it will have on the environment.

The Cost Difference: Smoking Cigarettes VS Vaping

Is vaping cheaper than smoking cigarettes?

If you want to know what the most expensive aspect of smoking cigarettes is, it's easy to figure out: the harm caused to the human body. Tobacco use remains the largest cause of preventable disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In the end, no amount of money can compensate for the loss of health. Vaping, as an alternative to smoking, offers nicotine, which is the major addictive chemical in cigarettes, and thus adds unrivalled value to your life.

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However, there are additional advantages to switching from cigarettes to vaping. Not only will this lifestyle decision benefit your health, but it will also benefit your cash£not to mention the surprisingly beneficial ramifications it will have on the environment.

First and foremost, let's look at the cost difference by looking at what smoking cigarettes costs you in terms of your monthly budget:
Vaping choices that are refillable versus those that are pre-filled When it comes to everything from dish soap to beer, customers are waking up to the environmental and monetary benefits of refillable solutions.

Vaping is no different.

While the initial cost of refillable pods is higher than that of pre-filled pods, the refillable choices quickly outperform the pre-filled options in terms of cost-efficiency. When you simply have to buy the e-liquid and not the device, your day-to-day costs are significantly reduced.

When it comes to choosing vaping solutions, however, money isn't the only factor to consider£the cost to the environment is something we can no longer overlook.

Smoking vs Vaping: The cost to the environment

The negative impacts of smoking on human health have gotten a lot of attention, and they can't be understated. Cigarette smoking causes more than 7 million deaths per year, with smokers dying 10 years sooner on average than non-smokers.

However, while the human cost is frequently highlighted, the environmental impact of cigarette smoking is frequently overlooked. The negative consequences of cigarette smoking are numerous, ranging from litter created by cigarette butts to the damaging effects of cigarette production on everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the soil we grow our food in.

4 ways cigarettes destroy the environment

1. Litter, litter, litter

If you've ever been unfortunate enough to be surrounded by cigarette butts while visiting an otherwise beautiful natural wonder, you'll understand how damaging cigarette butts are to the ecosystem. According to a study by Anglia Ruskin University, cigarette butts can take decades to degrade and are the planet's largest source of litter created by human activities. The research also shows that cigarettes, as a form of litter, have negative effects on soil, limiting plant growth. As a result, tossing a cigarette casually has detrimental consequences that will linger long after the box has been smoked.

2. Air pollution from smokers

Walking behind a smoker or being in close proximity to someone who has recently lit up will rapidly reveal the harmful effects of smoking on the air we breathe. In fact, cigarette smoke pollutes the air 10 times more than diesel vehicle exhaust gases. When you consider all of this, it's difficult to perceive cigarette smoking as anything other than a selfish act.

3. Environmental Effects of Cigarette Production

Furthermore, smoking-related air pollution is not solely the result of a smoker's exhale. The World Health Organization's 2017 assessment on tobacco's environmental impact evaluates tobacco products from beginning to end, concluding that it is a "overwhelmingly polluted and destructive process." The environmental implications of cigarette production are difficult to justify, ranging from air pollution caused by cigarette factories to deforestation required for tobacco cultivation.

4. Pesticides, toxic waste and the contamination of our waterways

Tobacco manufacturing produces an enormous amount of hazardous waste that enters our soil and waterways, poisoning vegetation, harming sea life, and ultimately losing biodiversity in afflicted areas. The use of chemical pesticides in the growing phase is frequent since the tobacco plant is subject to a variety of pests that wish to eat it. These are dangerous to farmworkers who come into direct contact with them£and, in the end, to all of us because there is nowhere for the waste to go.

Vaping as a more environmentally friendly option

E-cigarettes are a considerably more ecologically friendly alternative to cigarettes, as they avoid many of the most harmful side effects. The prospects of vaping as an environmentally friendly alternative to cigarettes are explored in this Natural Geographic research.

£It's evident that quitting smoking is tough, so maybe there is value in a product that may or may not cause some harm, but that helps one-stop using a product that we know causes harm,£ the study concluded.

Switching from cigarettes to vapes

Despite having all of this information at your disposal, quitting smoking might be a difficult task. It is for this reason why vaping exists. The vape was created as a smoke-free option, and it's there to help you through what may be a difficult transition away from a harmful habit. The costs of smoking cigarettes are simply too high.

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