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VG: 70%

E-Liquid Pinkman 100 ml Shortfill


Brand: Ninja Vapes

Throughout, there is a constant flavour of mixed fruits with overtones of citrus and tropical fruits. A fruity refreshing vape juice to fill your days with flavour and taste. A 100ml E liquid with zero nicotine content

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You can choose from a range of delicious Ninja Vapes-made flavours in the Ninja Vapes series.

The Ninja Vapes collection features the company's first flavour lineup since it first started making E-Liquids.

The flavours in this range have been refined and perfected for over 7 years to provide you with only the best E-Liquid.

There's a lot of it.

It's a vapor-filled space.

Explore the Pinkman 70/30 100ml shortfill, a perfect companion for those who crave a delectably fruity vaping adventure. With its luscious fruit notes, this E-liquid provides the ultimate flavor experience sufficiently balanced for an all-day vaping delight. Immerse yourself in a timeless and mouth-watering fruit explosion that stands out as an enduring classic in the world of vaping.

Discover the unique Pinkman shortfill e-liquid from Ninja Vapes, an extraordinary fusion of sweet mixed fruits, zesty citrus notes, and an exotic tropical medley, delivering a bold and vibrant vaping experience.

This Pinkman variant is presented in a 100ml nicotine-free e-liquid bottle, generously housed in a 120ml container, leaving space for two nic shots for personalized nicotine strength. For example, incorporating two 18mg nic shots results in a 120ml bottle of 3mg e-liquid. Additionally, a 50ml shortfill option is available.

With a VG concentration of 70%, this e-liquid is ideal for sub-ohm kits, ensuring voluminous clouds for an authentic Direct to Lung (DTL) inhale. Immerse yourself in the world of Pinkman for an exhilarating and cloud-filled vaping experience.

E-Liquid Pinkman Flavors List:

  • Pinkman
  • What Flavour is Pinkman vape juice?

    Dive in the enticing taste of Pinkman vape juice, a captivating fusion of ripe mixed berries complemented by subtle citrus notes. This e-liquid presents a refreshing and sweet flavor profile, creating a delightful vaping experience for enthusiasts who appreciate a harmonious blend of fruity goodness. Elevate your vape sessions with the well-balanced and flavorful essence of Pinkman.

    How long does 100ml vape juice last?

    The longevity of 100ml vape juice depends on individual vaping habits. For moderate vapers, it may last several weeks, while heavy users may go through it more quickly. Factors such as device wattage, puff frequency, and duration contribute to the overall duration of enjoyment from a 100ml bottle.

    What does Pinkman e-liquid taste like?

    Pinkman e-liquid offers a delightful burst of flavor with a mix of ripe mixed berries and subtle citrus undertones. The taste is both sweet and refreshing, creating a well-balanced and satisfying vaping experience. For enthusiasts seeking a vibrant and fruity profile, Pinkman e-liquid delivers a deliciously crafted blend that elevates every inhale.

    How do I choose an e-liquid flavour?

    Choosing the perfect e-liquid flavor involves considering personal preferences and taste profiles. Begin by exploring flavors you enjoy in everyday life, such as fruits, desserts, or menthol. Experiment with small quantities initially and gradually narrow down your preferences to discover the ideal e-liquid flavor that resonates with your unique palate.

    E-Liquid Pinkman Specifications:

    Bottle size 120ml Bottle
    E-Liquid 100ml
    Proportion 70% VG / 30% PG
    Nicotine Shots 3mg,6mg
    Nicotine Strength 0mg
    Made UK
    Blended For Sub Ohm Vaping
    4 Reviews For E-Liquid Pinkman 100 ml Shortfill

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    Alonzo on 18th of May 2022

    Definitely not Vampire vape, you get what you pay for


    Mason on 1st of March 2022

    I m a beginner and i wanted a mix fruits flavor then i tried ninja vapes E-Liquid Pinkman 100 ML Shortfill it s citrus and tropical fruit taste is mind blowing and leave your taste buds refreshing. I must suggest you all to try this one.


    Kevin Malone on 26th of February 2022

    A cool and sweet taste, not to in you re face, this hs been my go to flavour for a while as it s a good all rounder, very smooth, rather tasty.


    Darey on 25th of November 2021

    This e-liquid pinkman is a full burst of flavours with a citrus fruit combination. Try this juice flavour of vape product from ninja Vapes with a burst of refreshment. Try to get your ninja drink.