Dinner Lady Drinks Mango Iced Tea 50ml

Dinner Lady Drinks Mango Iced Tea 50ml

Brand: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Drinks Mango Iced Tea 50ml contains a delightful essence of mango iced tea flavour which reminds the person of sunny summery days. Mango Iced Tea 50ml has a space for 10ml nicotine booster shot. Ninja Vapes allows their customers to personalize their vape by adding nicotine shots as per their demand.

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Dinner Lady Drinks Mango Iced Tea 50ml

Shake off that mid year heat with a shortfill loaded with summer reward, Dinner Lady have implanted a heavenly, sweet frosted tea with the tropical taste of ready mango!

Enjoy the complex combination of Dinner Lady's Mango Iced Tea shortfill e-liquid. This unpredictably created mix consolidates the flower pith of tea with the delicious pleasantness of mango, coming full circle in a reviving menthol breeze. Modify your vaping experience by adding a nicotine supporter shot to this 50ml shortfill, guaranteeing both adequate e-liquid amount and premium flavour for sub-ohm fans. With its 70% VG organization, it's impeccably custom-made for ideal fume creation and flavour clearness when matched with sub-ohm units and tanks. Lift your vape with this top-notch e-liquid contribution from Dinner Lady.

Is Dinner Lady Juice safe?

Embark on a flavourful adventure with Ninja Vapes' Purple Slush e-liquid by X-Series, capturing the essence of classic Parma Violets sweets. Indulge in a sugary candy base complemented by authentic floral notes, delivering a uniquely delightful and satisfying vaping experience.

Is Dinner Lady a good brand?

Dive into the vibrant taste of Ninja Vapes' Purple Nic, a distinctive e-liquid by X-Series. This concoction features a delightful combination of sugary candy base and authentic floral notes, reminiscent of the iconic Parma Violets sweets for a uniquely flavourful vape.

What is mango ice flavour?

Experience the invigorating taste of Ninja Vapes' Blue Ice e-liquid, a refreshing blend by X-Series. This flavour combines a crisp menthol chill with a hint of blueberry sweetness, creating a cool and flavourful vaping sensation.

What flavour is mango ice Tea?

Delight in the refreshing burst of Ninja Vapes' Blue Slush e-liquid by X-Series. This invigorating vape captures the essence of a classic slush drink with a perfect blend of cool menthol and sweet blueberry notes.

Dinner Lady E-Liquid Flavours:

  • Ice / Slush
  • Mango
  • Tea
  • Dinner Lady E-Liquid Specifications:

    Bottle Size 60ml (filled with 50ml liquid)
    Proportion PG:VG Ratio: 30:70
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg
    There's enough room for two 10ml Nic Shots
    Designed for Pod Devices and Starter Kits
    Tamper Evident Sealed and Childproof Cap
    Recyclable Bottle

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    "Dinner Lady Drinks Mango Iced Tea flavor is a mix of sweet forest tea with the tropical taste of mango. This online vape store is very famous in UK for its amazing products and which delivers you everything on time. Highly recommended"


    Oscar . Verified Buyer Review . 31st of May 2022