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IVG Nic Salt Cinnamon Blaze Chew 10ml

IVG Nic Salt Cinnamon Blaze Chew 10ml

Brand: IVG

Cinnamon Blaze nicotine salt e-liquid by IVG Salts is a sweet and spicy confectionary blend. A juicy blend loved by vapers brought to you by IVG.

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IVG Nic Salt Cinnamon Blaze Chew 10ml

IVG Nic Salt Cinnamon Blaze Chew 10ml

IVG Salts' Cinnamon Blaze nicotine salt e-liquid is a confectionery blend with a spicy but sweet undertone. For a unique vape, sugary chewing gum is combined with a sour yet rich cinnamon variation.

IVG, a UK-based producer known for their focus on strong, often fruity flavours, launched the Salt line.

When used with a pod device or starter kit, this e-liquid has a 50 percent VG content, which is great for rich flavour with minimum cloud generation.


  • Bottles of 10ml
  • VG:PG:50%
  • Nicotine Salt Blends
  • Nicotine Strength: 10mg and 20mg
  • Designed for Pod Devices and Starter Kits
  • Compliant with the TPD

At Ninja Vapes, indulge in Cinnamon Blaze nicotine salt e-liquid by IVG Salts, a unique candy blend with a spicy yet sweet twist. Experience the fusion of sugary chewing gum with a rich and tangy cinnamon flavour, delivering a distinct vaping sensation.

Crafted with a 50% VG concentration, Cinnamon Blaze promises deep flavour with minimal cloud production, perfect for pod devices or starter kits. Available in 10ml bottles with 10mg and 20mg strength, this salt nicotine e-liquid offers a smoother throat hit for a satisfying vaping experience. Explore the Salt collection by IVG, renowned for its bold and flavourful creations, all crafted with precision in the UK.

What are the Nic Salts?

Nicotine salts, or Nic salts, are a type of e-liquid formulation containing nicotine in its natural salt form. They offer a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption compared to traditional freebase nicotine, providing a more satisfying vaping experience for users.

What percentage of nicotine is in IVG?

IVG salt nicotine e-liquids typically contain nicotine strengths of 10mg or 20mg, providing options for vapers seeking varying levels of nicotine intensity. This formulation ensures a smooth throat hit and fast nicotine absorption for a satisfying vaping experience.

Is cinnamon vape juice good?

Cinnamon vape juice offers a unique and flavourful experience, blending spicy undertones with sweetness for a satisfying vape. It's a popular choice for vapers seeking a bold and distinctive flavour profile.

Does Nic salt taste bad?

Nic salt doesn't taste bad, but its flavour can vary depending on the brand and flavour profile. Many vapers enjoy the smoothness and quick nicotine delivery of Nic salt e-liquids.

IVG Nic Salt Flavours:

  • Chewing Gum
  • Cinnamon
  • IVG Nic Salt Specifications:

    Bottle Size 10ml bottles
    Proportion 50% VG | 50% PG
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 10mg | 20mg
    Salt Nicotine Blends
    Designed for Starter Kits and Pod Devices
    Childproof cap
    Tamper evident seal

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    IVG Nic Salt Cinnamon Blaze Chew 10ml reviews

    3 Customer review(s)

    "One of the best Nic salt in town. IVG is one of the best nic salts brand and every product of IVG is great. I ordered two Nic salt bottles from ninja vapes. And the experience with ninja vapes was amazing. Fast delivery with reasonable prices."


    Jhony . Verified Buyer Review . 6th of December 2023

    "The right balance of sweet and spiciness in cinnamon. Your taste buds will be begging you for more of this pleasure. What a lovely flavour. Come the day after I order every time. My preferred liquid Thanks."


    Annie . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of February 2023

    "IVG Nic Salt Cinnamon Blaze Chew 10ml This flavor has a combination of sweet and spicy Cinnamon-infused chewing gum creating a delicious vape experience, Fantastic juice, love this flavor.Highly recommended by Ninja vapes."


    Zaib . Verified Buyer Review . 20th of June 2022