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Lost Temple 3500 Puffs Replacement Pods Device | Check Price


Brand: Lost Temple

Lost Temple Vape Pod Kit Device with the perfect companion the Lost Temple Replacement Pods with an ample 8ml capacity. Choose from two variants, and here at Ninja Vapes, we offer the most sought-after option: the Lost Temple Replacement Pods. Elevate your vaping experience with these high-capacity pods designed for optimal performance and satisfaction.

Disposable kit:
Flavours Pods:
Share: Lost Temple 3500 Puffs Replacement Pods Device | Check Price


  • Puffs: Up-To 3500 Puffs
  • Colours: Available in 5 Different 
  • Flavours: 20+ Flavours
  • Recharge Device
  • Nicotine Free vape
  • Type C USB Charge Cable 
  • Mesh Coils
  • Adjustable Air Flow Control Device

Explore the world of Lost Temple Replacement Pods, a fantastic addition for vapers across the United Kingdom seeking a personalized and hassle-free vaping journey. Specifically crafted to complement the Lost Temple 3500 Disposable Vapes Pod Kit, these replacement pods from Vapor Vape offer adaptability, simplicity, and a perfect fit for your unique vaping preferences.

A notable feature of the Lost Temple Replacement Pods is the ability to tailor your nicotine strength, providing options at 2%. This customization empowers vapers to control their nicotine intake, catering to both those who prefer a mild hit and those seeking a more robust sensation. This flexibility ensures that your vaping experience aligns precisely with your cravings and preferences.

Refilling these pods is a straightforward process, thanks to their user-friendly design. The pods incorporate a secure and easy-to-use filling mechanism, guaranteeing a leak-free experience. Whether you stick to your favorite e-liquid or venture into new flavors, refilling these pods is a swift and convenient task.

Consistently delivering exceptional flavor, the Lost Temple Replacement Pods maintain the high standards set by the Lost Temple 3500 Disposable Vape Pod Kit. The efficient coil system embedded in the pods ensures a full and satisfying exploration of your e-liquid's flavor profile. Whether you indulge in fruity, dessert, or tobacco-inspired flavors, these pods consistently provide a delightful and flavorful vaping experience.

Lost Temple 3500 Puffs Flavors List:

  • Fizzy Vimto
  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Red Power
  • Strawberry Guava
  • Popcorn
  • Mango Peach
  • Etc.
  • Lost Temple 3500 Puffs Specifications:

    Puffs Up-To 3500 Puffs
    Coils Mesh Coils
    Charge Cable Type C USB
    Flavors 20+ Flavors
    Air Flow Adjustable Air Flow Control Device
    10 Reviews For Lost Temple 3500 Puffs Replacement Pods Device | Check Price

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    Hugh on 29th of May 2023

    Excellent flavor well worth the cost. This brand is outstanding. I really like the strawberry guava. Thanks.


    Morrison on 3rd of May 2023

    Excellent idea with a child lock, beautiful design, and nice taste. Highly suggested. Thanks.


    Bea on 18th of April 2023

    The top vaporizer. The best vape I ve ever had, this product is excellent. The sheer quantity of puffs is astounding. Thanks.


    Ezra on 7th of April 2023

    Excellent value for the money. Would strongly advise. Excellent bargain. easily slips inside the pocket. Thanks.


    Alexandre on 28th of March 2023

    One of my absolute favourites, it has a good quantity of flavour and doesn t burn your lips or the back of your throat like some disposable vaporizers do. adore this company. Thanks ninja vapes.


    Romsey on 16th of March 2023

    This one is so great that I keep ordering more of it. really cooling flavour. Thanks.


    Uzziel on 7th of March 2023

    They have a fantastic flavour and a respectable shelf life. good for creating happy tiny clouds. Thanks.


    Alden on 20th of February 2023

    It s easy to use this Lost Temple. Had it for a few days and am really pleased with it. Thanks ninja vapes.


    Macarius on 10th of February 2023

    Design and flavour are nice. I appreciate Lost Temple s strength. other than fruity flavours for disposable vaporizers. Thanks.


    Kai on 3rd of February 2023

    It hits just right and has a fantastic flavour. The size is ideal. The perfect amount of flavour. I ve had no issues with FLUM, and this is my first time using the blue. Thus far, so good. It s also pretty cool that it s rechargeable. Thanks.