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Menthol Lost Mary Bm600 Vape | Check Price


Brand: Lost Mary Vape

Menthol Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape is the epitome of portability and user-friendliness. Immerse yourself in the invigorating rush of chilly freshness and minty flavor that Menthol delivers. This disposable vape boasts a bold, crisp taste with an explosive burst of icy menthol, providing a refreshing and satisfying vaping experience. Elevate your flavor journey with Ninja Vapes and indulge in the simplicity and intensity of Menthol Lost Mary BM600.

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  • Puffs: 600 Puffs - Outlasts 20 Cigarettes
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg Nic Salt
  • E-Liquid Amount: 2ml E-Liquid
  • Battery capacity: 350mAh internal battery
  • Size: 66mm x 35mm x 16mm
  • Beginner-Friendly Disposable Vape
  • Inhale Activated
  • Smooth Touch Feeling
  • Full Range Of Flavours
  • Find Your True Preference!


  • Menthol Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape

🌬️ Feel the Cool Rush 🌬️

Experience the extraordinary sensation of menthol with the ELF BAR Menthol Lost Mary BM600 20 mg Disposable Vape. This vape is made especially to deliver a smooth and satisfying vaping experience that will leave any vape enthusiast feeling amazing.

💨 Over 600 Puffs of Pure Enjoyment 💨

With its generous capacity, the Menthol Lost Mary BM600 offers over 600 puffs of pure vaping pleasure. Each inhale provides a burst of icy freshness that will shake your senses and keep you coming back for more. Enjoy the long-lasting satisfaction and dive into the coolness of menthol.

🌈 Explore a World of Flavor 🌈

We provide 12+ best flavours for this vape device , each nicely curated to guarantee the customer with a delightful vaping experience. From classic menthol to exciting blends, we have flavours that  suit every taste. Dive into the flavours you love and let your taste buds enjoy it with joy.

✨ Smooth and Satisfying Throat Hit ✨

The Menthol Lost Mary BM600 is built in such a way that it  provides a smooth throat hit with every puff unlike the other products available in the market. The balance  of PG/VG (50/50) guarantees a great vaping experience without compromising on flavour or vapour production. Now you can enjoy the perfect combination of coolness and satisfaction.

🔒 Stylish and Convenient Design 🔒

The Menthol Lost Mary BM600 features a sleek and compact design that fits comfortably in your hand because of the way it is designed. Its feature makes it easy to use the product, Simply  inhale and enjoy the cool rush. Take it with you wherever you go and enjoy the attention it brings.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Q: How long will the Menthol Lost Mary BM600 last?

A: The Menthol Lost Mary BM600 is designed to provide over 600 puffs which ensures a long-lasting vaping experience. 

Q: Is the Menthol Lost Mary BM600 suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! The Menthol Lost Mary BM600 is activated by simply drawing smoke which makes  it super user-friendly and perfect for beginners. Simply inhale to activate and dive into the world of refreshing menthol flavours.

🛒 Get Refreshed with Menthol Lost Mary BM600! 🛒

Indulge in the coolness of menthol with the ELF BAR Menthol Lost Mary BM600 20 mg Disposable Vape and experience the awesome sensation and satisfaction that it provides to your cravings with every puff. Shop now and embark on a refreshing vaping journey like no other!

5 Reviews For Menthol Lost Mary Bm600 Vape | Check Price

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William on 6th of December 2023

Cool down with the Menthol Lost Mary BM600 Vape. Every puff brings a refreshing and minty flavor, making it a perfect choice for those who love a crisp and invigorating vaping experience.


Rowan on 11th of August 2023

I have cool vaping experience with this masterpiece. The flavour delivers by Menthol Lost Mary Bm600 Vape is incredibly sweet and strong. Overall taste is outstanding. happier to purchase this. Thanks Ninja.


Harry on 8th of August 2023

Just WOW. Let me tell you my experience with Menthol Lost Mary Bm600 Vape, it s like a winter breeze hitting your taste buds. the Methol flavour is on point. It s become my new favorite go-to when I need a quick chill moment. Thanks Ninja two thumbs-up from me.


Murphy on 1st of August 2023

As a seasoned vaper, I ve tried countless e-liquids, but Menthol Lost Mary BM600 stands out as an exceptional flavor. I truly had refreshing and satisfying experience with this vape. Its cooling effect is perfect for those hot summer days. I highly recommend it and will be adding it to my list of favorites in my vape collection. Appreciating Ninja for this masterpiece.


Rishi on 14th of July 2023

I recently purchased the Menthol Lost Mary BM600 Vape, and I am happier with my purchase. As a fan of menthol flavors, this device has become my go-to choice for a refreshing and invigorating vape experience. Thanks