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Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39


Brand: Sky Crystal

Experience the SKY Crystal Pro 600 Puffs Disposable Vape – a hassle-free vaping solution featuring pre-filled 20mg Nicotine Salt e-liquid. Eliminate the need for coil changes with this user-friendly device, offering a substantial 600-puff capacity, a powerful 550mAh battery, and a 2ml pre-filled pod. Enjoy an improved and extended vaping experience with the simplicity of the SKY Crystal Pro – a convenient choice for those seeking ease without compromising on satisfaction.

Flavours :
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Introducing the Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape a compact powerhouse designed for enthusiasts seeking a heightened vaping experience. With an ample 600-puff capacity and a 20mg nicotine concentration, this disposable vape ensures a satisfying journey. Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape available in 25+ different flavors such as Blackcurrant Mango, Blueberry Cherry, Cranberry, Blueberry Ice, Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Gummy Bear, Lemon and Lime, Pink Lemonade, Red Ice, Sakura Grapes, Triple Mango, Vimto, Watermelon Ice, Fizzy Cola, etc.

Noteworthy Features:

Puff Capacity: Immerse yourself in up to 600 puffs with the Sky Crystal Pro, providing a prolonged and enjoyable vaping adventure.

20mg Nicotine: Find the perfect balance with a 20mg nicotine concentration, delivering a satisfying yet controlled nicotine hit.

Modern Design: The Sky Crystal Pro Disposable Vape boasts a stylish and contemporary design, offering a convenient and visually appealing choice for on-the-go vaping.

Equipped with a built-in 550mAh battery and an integrated mesh coil, the Crystal Pro ensures consistent strength and vapor production for up to around 600 puffs. Its Inhale Activation feature allows for an effortless and immersive vaping experience simply inhale and puff away without any hassle.

Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs Flavors List:

  • Blackcurrant Mango
  • Blueberry Cherry Cranberry
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Gummy Bear
  • Lemon and Lime
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Red Ice
  • Sakura Grapes
  • Triple Mango
  • Vimto
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Fizzy Cola
  • ky Crystal Pro 600 Puff Specifications:

    Puffs 600 Puffs
    E-Liquid Contains 2ml
    Battery 550mAh battery
    Nictine content 2%Nic Salt
    Draw Activation
    Unique style design
    Inhale Activated
    19 Reviews For Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39

    Review “Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39”

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    Isabal on 10th of October 2023

    the lemon and lime is the perfect choice. strong but never overpowering. bold fruit flavor with a sort noticeable on exhale. Thanks.


    Arlo on 27th of July 2023

    I can confidently say that the Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs Disposable Vape has become my go-to choice. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable, flavorful, and budget-friendly vaping option. I am happy to my purchase. Thanks ninja vapes


    Louis on 26th of May 2023

    Liked this a lot, but I couldn t help but put it down. Use caution, I burned through a bottle in two days.


    Elliott on 2nd of May 2023

    Great flavour. Taste like Lemon Lime will definitely order again. Thanks


    Teobaldo on 17th of April 2023

    Anyone who enjoys fruity triple mangoes should try this product because it is long-lasting and delicious. Thanks ninja vapes.


    Chinmay on 27th of March 2023

    Love love love, the design on this is really unique, but I think it could have been made to seem a little less cheap. The flavour is also really amazing, but it might have been a little stronger overall. Thanks.


    Bryson on 15th of March 2023

    I could already tell from the first exhale that this would be a pretty dry vaping experience. Thanks.


    Anders on 7th of March 2023

    Compared to some other disposables I ve tried before, these disposables taste nicer. Thanks.


    Chad Chadwick on 17th of February 2023

    Website was simple to use, and everything arrived swiftly. Thanks.


    Cyan on 10th of February 2023

    The Orion Mini vape mod s ideal replacement pod pack.Thanks.


    Percival on 2nd of February 2023

    Nothing surpasses the sky crystal.. amazing flavours that hit you hard Shipping was quick. The product was just as promised. Thanks ninja vapes.


    Andrew on 23rd of January 2023

    wanted a modest, compact item. Exactly what I was seeking for is here. I adore this. Thanks ninja vapes.


    Lancelot on 11th of January 2023

    Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39, I purchased two bottles of Blue Razz Lemonade, both of which have excellent flavours. I have not yet opened the second bottle. also prompt delivery. Thanks ninja vapes


    Cabe on 4th of January 2023

    Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39, The Black Note products are fantastic if you prefer tobacco flavours like I do. They complement ninja Vape well because they both exhibit professionalism. Thanks ninja vapes


    Redvers on 28th of December 2022

    Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39, I absolutely adore this sky crystal gadget I ve used it for a few weeks and have had no issues. I bought one for my friend, and she has since quit smoking as well. Fantastic and incredibly quick service I ll come returning soon with more purchases, thank you ninja vapes


    Flora on 22nd of December 2022

    Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39,The best tank I ve ever used, by far. And I have experienced several of them. will be suitable for an expert who prefers mid-wattage. Thanks ninja vapes.


    Brian on 16th of December 2022

    Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39, Fantastic coils for a fantastic tank Never late with supplies or posting. Thanks ninja vapes.


    Abdullah on 12th of December 2022

    Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39”, These pod cartridges work in my Jules and OVNS, and I m extremely delighted with them they re much better than cotton coil. Thanks ninja vapes.


    Ronald on 7th of December 2022

    Sky Crystal Pro 600 Puffs 20mg Disposable Vape - £3.39 A lovely, tiny—and I do mean tiny—handful. The menu is really simple and intuitive and also the battery life is excellent. Thanks ninja vapes.