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Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman


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Brand: Solo Vape

Check out the Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman at Ninja Vapes! Each vape comes in a color that matches its fruity flavor, making it look tempting and ready to give you a delightful nicotine buzz. Explore the flavors and enjoy the vibrant experience!

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  • Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Duration: 600 Puffs Nicotine
  • Strength: 20mg Battery
  • Capacity: 500 mAh Eight Delicious Fruity Flavours

Check Out:

E-Liquids UK is pleased to offer a selection of vapeman solo and Disposable vapes. The Vapeman Solo is a handy, button-operated vape kit which offers up to 600 puffs. The solo+ vape 600 puffs is an even more convenient take on the Solo - it comes pre-filled and ready to use from the very first puff. In seconds, you can enjoy high quality vapour with no mess or fuss. These two vapes are great for on-the-go situations as well as when you want a discreet vaping experience without any fuss at all.

What is a Solo+ Disposable Vape? 

The solo+ Disposable Vape is made by the company called Vapeman. This modern e-cigarette comes in several different flavours, including Tobacco, Cherry and Menthol. When you order your solo vape flavours in the UK , you can select the nicotine strength of your e-liquid for a satisfying vape experience. The vaper's design is convenient and very easy to handle - it even has a handy keyring so that you can take it with you on the go.

One thing that makes the vape pen solo extra different from traditional disposable e-cigs is its button-operated design. This allows you to operate the device with one hand, and that's a real bonus if you're planning to be busy and on the go. The Solo+ Disposable Vape has five different levels of nicotine strength, so you have plenty of options when it comes to enjoying your vape.

Things to Know About the Disposable Vapes UK

The Solo+ disposable vapes uk is made by Vapeman, and its practices are very strict when it comes to quality control. Vapeman only sells its product in the United Kingdom - there is no evidence that this e-cig can be purchased in other countries. The solo plus vape is made from a polypropylene material, and it has a lithium battery with an automatic shut off as well. In seconds, you can enjoy your favourite e-liquid with no mess or fuss, and it's great for on-the-go situations as well. 

Some users report that this device gives them 600 puffs, though not all users are satisfied with the amount of smoke that they get from the solo+ extra Disposable Vape. This Disposable Vape is easy to charge - simply twist off the mouth piece and place it in your USB charger. This vapeman solo plus is also very easy to use - just push the button five times, and you're ready to vape. Each Solo+ Disposable Vape comes with a full tank of e-liquid, so that you can start vaping immediately.

What's In a Solo+ Disposable Vape?

In the UK, Solo+ Disposable Vapes are disposable. They don't have any removable parts, and they don't come with any replacement parts or accessories. You can buy your solo vape pen in the UK in a variety of nicotine strengths, including 6mg, 11mg, 16mg and 18mg nicotine levels (there are several other strengths available as well).

The Solo+ Disposable Vape comes with:

A lithium battery with a full tank of e-liquid Five cartridges A keyring to help you keep track of your Solo+ uk disposables A USB charging cable The actual components of a Solo+ Disposable Vape, though, are much simpler. The device is made up of just seven components: the mouthpiece, the cartridge, the button, the cartridge tip, the battery and its connection pins. The solo disposable vape uk can hold around 1.5ml of e-liquid, so you can enjoy up to 600 puffs before you need a new cartridge.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind When You Buy

When shopping for Solo+ uk disposables Vape, be careful about the strength of your nicotine level because some people get too much smoke from these devices. If you are new to vaping and are not sure how much nicotine is right for your needs, it's important that you test the strength of a small amount of e-liquid first before trying it out as a whole unit.

29 Reviews For Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman

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Noah on 25th of May 2023

Robust flavor, portability, and light weight.Overall, the Vapeman Solo is an excellent example of a disposable kit. Outstanding flavor and, most importantly, a wide variety. Thanks ninja vapes.


Tony on 25th of April 2023

Excellent in every way. Because it s so sweet and the flavour lasts all the way to the end, I m frequently asked what I m vaping. Thanks.


Guy on 13th of April 2023

I used a vape for the first time, and the flavour was great. They are useful to have with you when you are out and about. Thanks ninja vapes.


Robert on 3rd of April 2023

I appreciate that this vape can be adjusted for a loose or tight draw. Although I find the flavour to be a little too sweet, it is smooth and the aftertaste lingers well in the tongue. I would very certainly test different flavours. Thanks ninja vapes.


Ajax on 22nd of March 2023

This one, I ADORE. It s no surprise that it s out of stock because it s fantastic. Will keep a sharp eye out for when it returns next. actually has the flavour of an espresso. Well done on this. Thanks.


Garret on 13th of March 2023

The very best disposables available are Solo vape. Although somewhat expensive, you get what you paid for. great taste from beginning to end. They charge up quickly, and if you chain vape, the charge will last several days.


Taiyo on 3rd of March 2023

Great tastes for disposables Delivered took less time than I anticipated. The website is easy to navigate. Thanks.


Nixon on 15th of February 2023

I had no idea that the flavours of peach and apple could work so beautifully together. Definitely going to order again. Thanks.


Charles on 8th of February 2023

My fave throwaway by far. Keep it to the pineapple Ice,strawberry milkshake and a few others. Normally, I buy 10 at a time once a month. Thanks.


Wes on 1st of February 2023

Although I m not sure how ultra differs from standard, the flavours of Grape Ice, Cherry Cola, and Peach Ice are all delicious. Thanks ninja vapes.


Hayley on 23rd of January 2023

This are the most disappointing I ve tried. They re OK and often cheaper but I d rather pay more for a superior product. These run out far quicker than elf bar and flavour doesn t last.


Aethelhard on 16th of January 2023

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, excellent generation of smoke and clouds. The strawberry and cream flavour is fantastic Thanks ninja vapes.


Brantley on 6th of January 2023

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, Product matched description to the T. extremely quick turnaround Excellent deals Thanks ninja vapes


Beck on 30th of December 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, It s quite gorgeous, robust, and has a nice bright screen I got it in the Rainbow coloration. Recommended. Regarding Ninja Vape, nothing more is needed—the product was delivered quickly and just as promised. Thanks ninja vapes.


Avi on 27th of December 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, adore this vaporizer Excellent customer service and packaging. Thanks ninja vapes.


Aubrey on 20th of December 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, It took some time to adjust to not having the temperature range. It took some getting used to filling the pod without flooding, but now a week has passed since I last touched another mod. Perfect clouds and Flavours. Thanks ninja vapes.


Cash on 14th of December 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, I have a great time with this MOD. The menu is simple to use, but the fact that it only requires one is a drawback. It would be wonderful if it were a few mm larger so it could use 600 puffs Thanks ninja.


Bellamy on 8th of December 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, The best mod I have ever used, hands down. Thanks ninja vapes.


Ashton on 5th of December 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, This will be my first and last vapor because it is such a great, simple product. Thanks ninja vapes.


Grady on 1st of December 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, It is excellent. Can t believe such a low-cost mod can be so effective. Thanks ninja vapes.


Killian on 30th of November 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, Love the flavor of these pods, and they work nicely with a variety of syrupy, dessert-like beverages. Thanks Ninja Vapes.


Clayton on 29th of November 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, Excellent customer service I was notified as soon as an item went out of stock. replaced the item at no additional expense with a superior product. wonderful individuals. Give them your patronage Thanks Ninja Vapes.


Kareem on 25th of November 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, My buddy left one by using mistake at my area and as soon as I tried it I couldn’t consider how nicely I love it. Thanks Ninja Vapes.


Dallas on 24th of November 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, I do not use the tank however the mod is awesome. I use it with the profile team spirit on tic with so and it is perfect. Thanks Ninja Vapes.


Damien on 23rd of November 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman, These are our preferred disposables arms down. The flavors are so good, they hit properly and have a suitable utilization size with recharges. Best disposable for the rate fingers down. Thanks to Ninja Vapes


Colson on 18th of September 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman,The vape Bar is pre-filled with amazing, flavored nicotine salt e-liquid in a 20mg strength. Simply inhale to vape and discard when empty Blueberry Raspberry and Mango Ice are my favourt. Thanks Ninja Vapes.


Sandy on 13th of September 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman I love this flavor This model has 6000 puffs and it is the perfect size and it hits nice. Each Solo nocotine level up to 600 puffs which are quite easily comparable to a pack of 20 cigarettes if not more.these solovape price are so amazimg. Highly recommend them. Thanks Ninja Vapes.


Bety on 8th of September 2022

Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs by Vapeman”I really like this, I was unsure as it is the 1st pod I have tried. It says fast charge, it should say very very fast charge. Thanks to the Ninja team yet again for having such an amazing range and being such wonderful people.


dora on 6th of September 2022

Thank you so much ninja this is the vape that I want to buy its quality is good, flavor is also good and the price is reasonable Solo Vape Plus 600 Puffs are fantastic