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OFRF Vape Coils at Ninja

OFRF Nexmini Coil

OFRF Nexmini Coil

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OFRF NexMESH Tank Replacement Coils

OFRF NexMESH Tank Replacement Coils

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OFRF Coils

Ninja Vapes proudly announces the acquisition of OFRF, a pioneering force in mesh coil innovation and the mastermind behind the renowned nexMESH coil technology. Fueled by a shared passion for delivering unparalleled vape and flavor experiences, our collaboration with the exceptional OFRF team aims to propel the evolution of vaping technology. Together, we re committed to shaping the future of cutting-edge vaping products for enthusiasts worldwide.

Start a vaping adventure unlike any other with OFRF, a name in the vape coil industry known for innovation and quality. Being a pioneer in the field, OFRF has constantly upped the standard by bringing innovative designs and technology that completely change the vaping experience.

The dedication of OFRF to continuously improving coil technology is reflected in each product that they develop. OFRF coils are expertly made with great care and attention to detail, providing an unmatched combination of flavour, vapor production, and durability. OFRF has a wide variety of coils to suit different tastes and vaping styles, regardless of your experience level.

The brand's unwavering quest for perfection is a testament to its stellar reputation for quality. Every OFRF coil is put through a thorough testing process to make sure its durability and performance match the highest requirements. As a result, the coil lineup now not only meets but beyond the expectations of vapers all over the world.

OFRF is aware that vapers yearn for an enhanced experience rather than merely functionality. In light of this, OFRF has assembled a selection of coils that satisfy both technical specifications and the desire to vape more thoroughly. OFRF offers a coil that will work for you, whether of whether you're looking for big clouds, powerful flavour, or the ideal combination of the two.

We at Ninja Vapes are proud to provide you with the latest in vaping technology with our carefully chosen assortment of OFRF vape coils. Experience vaping to the fullest with OFRF, where each coil is a monument to quality, creativity, and the quest for vaping perfection. Only at Ninja Vapes can you select OFRF and delight in a vaping experience that goes above the norm.

What does a mesh vape coil look like?

A mesh vape coil features a tightly woven mesh design, resembling a fine screen. This unique structure allows for even heat distribution, faster ramp-up times, and enhanced vapor production, resulting in a smoother and more flavourful vaping experience.

What coils are compatible with OFRF?

OFRF vape coils are designed specifically for use with the OFRF brand. To ensure optimal performance, it's recommended to use OFRF coils that match your device model for a seamless and satisfying vaping experience.

What coil is best for high wattage?

For high-wattage vaping, low-resistance coils such as sub-ohm coils are ideal. They can handle the increased power, producing larger clouds and intense flavour for a satisfying experience.