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Sigelei Vape Coils at Ninja

Sigelei Fog Coil

Sigelei Fog Coil

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Sigelei Coils

Ninja Vapes proudly presents Sigelei coils, a brand synonymous with reliability and performance. Crafted with precision and quality materials, Sigelei coils offer an exceptional vaping experience, ensuring longevity and flavour excellence for our discerning customers.

GD SIGELEI Electronic Tech Co., Ltd stands as a distinguished National High-Tech Enterprise, seamlessly integrating the research and development, production, sales, and service of electronic cigarettes. Our comprehensive management system and robust distribution channels reflect our commitment to excellence. Proudly holding the position of the President of the Electronic Cigarette Business Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and serving as an Executive Director, we have established ourselves as a key player in the industry.

Having successfully listed on the New OTC Market on August 1, 2017, under the stock code 871818, GD SIGELEI is at the forefront of China's e-cigarette production base, housing the world-renowned brand SIGELEI. Over the years, SIGELEI has evolved into a global brand and a benchmark in the e-cigarette sector. We've introduced acclaimed brands like FUCHAI, KAOS, COMPAK, and VCIGO, gaining widespread consumer recognition and holding a prominent position in the international market.

Our commitment to innovation is evident through a robust R&D team, advanced laboratories, and testing facilities. With more than 90 patents, we stand as one of the electronic cigarette industry leaders in core patents. Our products span anti-dry-burning temperature control electronic cigarettes, high-wattage electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes, atomizers, and various accessories, all crafted with precision and quality materials.

In marketing our products, we adapt to the dynamic market trends, supporting our brands while expanding across diversified platforms, both offline and online. We collaborate with prominent online stores like, Tmall, and others, ensuring easy accessibility for our customers. With a dedicated technical support hotline, we offer free electronic cigarette solutions.

How do you refill a Sigelei vape?

To refill your Sigelei vape, simply detach the tank, locate the filling port, and carefully add your e-liquid. Ensure a secure closure after refilling, and enjoy your vaping experience with ease. Visit Ninja Vapes for quality Sigelei products and accessories.

What do the numbers on a coil mean?

The numbers on a coil represent its resistance measured in ohms. Lower resistance (e.g., 0.6ohm) coils typically provide warmer, more intense vapor, while higher resistance (e.g., 1.2ohm) coils offer a cooler vape with emphasis on flavour. Explore a range of coils at Ninja Vapes for a customized vaping experience.

Do bigger coils last longer?

The size of a coil (measured in surface area) often correlates with its longevity, as larger coils generally hold more e-liquid and may require less frequent replacement. Find a selection of coils suited to your preferences at Ninja Vapes for an extended and satisfying vaping experience.