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Frumist Disposable Vapes at Ninja Vapes UK | Best Prices

Introducing Frumist Disposable Vapes, Frumist 500 Puffs Disposable Vape is a pinnacle of convenience and flavour exclusively showcased at Ninja Vapes. Crafted with precision and dedication, Frumist offers a range of delightful flavours in a compact, user-friendly design. Immerse yourself in the satisfaction of hassle-free vaping with Frumist, where every inhale is a journey into premium quality and taste. Elevate your vaping experience with Frumist, available now at Ninja Vapes.




Step into the world of Frumist, where the fusion of flavour and freedom takes center stage. Since our inception in 2011, we've been dedicated to injecting excitement into the vaping community, offering a captivating alternative for vape enthusiasts globally. At Frumist, we approach our products with a perfect blend of seriousness and fun.

When we talk about prioritizing quality, we mean business. Ninja Vapes is your go-to destination for the epitome of vaping excellence with Frumist. Our journey begins with the essentials: vape juice, or as we like to call it, pure vaping ecstasy. Immerse yourself in a realm of limitless possibilities with our top-tier e-liquids – the secret formula behind your unforgettable vaping journey.

Are you trying to find the best vape devices with juices out there? There's nowhere else to look! Our master tasters have created an extensive assortment, encompassing classic tobacco concoctions, surreal fruit symphonies, and opulent dessert treats. It's more than simply e-liquid; your taste buds will be clamoring for more. It's a harmonious orchestra of flavours. Are you prepared to up your vaping game? Explore the creativity of our manufacturing process, indulge in our carefully chosen assortment of E-Liquids, and discover why Ninja Vapes is the epitome of unmatched quality. Select Ninja Vapes, where we are dedicated to redefining the vaping experience and excellence is more than just a standard.

What strength should I be vaping?

Choosing the right vaping strength depends on individual preferences and nicotine tolerance. Beginners often start with lower strengths like 3mg or 6mg, while heavier smokers may opt for 12mg or higher for a satisfying experience.

What is the lowest nicotine vape?

The lowest nicotine content in vape juice commonly starts at 0mg, providing a nicotine-free option for those who want the vaping experience without nicotine. It allows users to enjoy flavours and vapor without the addictive substance.

Why has my e-liquid changed colour?

A change in e-liquid color is often due to exposure to air, light, or heat, causing oxidation. This natural process can darken the liquid but typically doesn't affect its safety or flavour.

What does 'vaping' actually mean?

Vaping refers to the inhalation and exhalation of vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. It provides a smoke-free alternative to traditional smoking, allowing users to inhale flavoured vapor containing nicotine or other substances.