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Evil Drip E-liquids at Ninja Vapes

Evil Drip 50ml E-Liquid Shortfills By Frumist | £5.99 Only
Evil Drip

Evil Drip 50ml E-Liquid Shortfills By Frumist | £5.99 Only

E-Liquid . 60ml Shortfills

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Evil Drip E-Liquid

Discover the sinister and mouthwatering charm of Ninja Vapes Evil Drip E-Liquids. Enter a world of bold flavours that will enthral your taste buds. Evil Drip offers a variety that appeals to people who value bold and adventurous tastes, inviting you to indulge in a sinisterly delicious vaping experience with Evil Drip 50ml E-Liquid by Frumist. Enjoy the sinister delight only at Ninja Vapes.

Welcome to the world of Evil Drip E-Liquids, where innovation meets indulgence, and every puff is a journey into the extraordinary. Since its inception, Evil Drip has rapidly become a prominent name in the vaping industry, celebrated for its commitment to crafting unique and bold e-liquid flavours that captivate the senses.

Indulge in the essence of Evil Drip, proudly crafted in the UK and focused on the irresistible fusion of berries and grape flavours. This e-juice line aims to captivate with its rich palate, featuring high VG ratios, including enticing options like Black Currant, Blue Razz, Forest Berries, and more.

Our exceptional Evil Drip brand boasts a meticulous blend of 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and 30% Mixed PG (Propylene Glycol), enriched with premium food flavourings, delivering the perfect composition for sub-ohm vaping enthusiasts.

How do you make the best e-liquid?

Crafting the best e-liquid involves precision in blending high-quality ingredients, including premium VG and PG ratios, along with expertly selected flavourings. Rigorous testing and adherence to quality standards ensure a smooth, flavourful vaping experience for every Ninja Vapes enthusiast.

Each Evil Drip bottle comes in a 60ml shortfill, providing a 10ml headroom to accommodate a 10ml 18mg nicotine shot. Mixing the shot seamlessly creates a 60ml vaping liquid with a satisfying 3mg nicotine strength.

Explore the diverse Evil Drip range at our Ninja Vapes store, where we offer an extensive selection of vaping e-liquids, shortfills, nicotine salt e-juices, and a variety of vape products to cater to your vaping needs. Join us in experiencing the excellence of Evil Drip and elevate your vaping journey with Ninja Vapes.

What are short term effects of vaping?

Short-term effects of vaping may include increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure due to the stimulant effects of nicotine. Additionally, users may experience temporary throat and mouth irritation, along with dizziness or nausea, particularly for those new to vaping.

Can vaping cause anxiety?

While some individuals report increased anxiety as a short-term side effect of vaping due to nicotine's stimulating effects, the relationship between vaping and anxiety varies, and individual responses may differ. It's essential to monitor personal reactions and consult with a healthcare professional if concerns arise.