January 3, 2023

The Ninja Vapes is pleased to announce a new range of Nic-Salt in 50PG/50VG and 70PG/30VG blend ratios with all 600 e juice flavours. To pick out Nic-Salt and quid, decide whether you want 50/50 or 70/30 from the drop-down listing after choosing of Nicotine.


Why Nicotine salts so important?

The Ninja Vapes is pleased to announce a new range of Nic-Salt in 50PG/50VG and 70PG/30VG blend ratios with all 600 e juice flavours.
To pick out Nic-Salt and quid, decide whether you want 50/50 or 70/30 from the drop-down listing after choosing of Nicotine.

Nic Salt B (Nicotine Benzoate)

At Ninja Vapes, we've opted for Nic-Salt B (Nicotine Benzoate) because it£s the great sort of Nic-Salt for lowering or neutralizing the taste/harshness of the nicotine. Nic-Salt B has a practically impartial pH (round 6.5), which means that it gives a virtually silky clean vape experience. In exams, Nic-Salt B has proven to offer a pleasant taste, discount of throat infection, and nicotine stability upkeep, making it one of the number one and desired salts for e-liquids.

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Why Should I Use Nic-Salt?

If you are a non-sub-ohm vaper, there are 3 main kinds you'll choose to apply one of the three kinds Nic-Salts in preference to the Traditional distilled nicotine that is typically used. People that vape between 10-40 Watts ought to switch to Nic-Salts, particularly in the case that they decide on a smoother vape.

Reason One £ No Harshness

Nic-Salts notably reduces the harshness because of the everyday distilled nicotine. The higher the nicotine strength, the more harshness there while you vape, striking some human beings to cough. Because of the reduced PH tiers of Nic-Salts, the vape is honestly smooth, even at excessive nicotine stages. If you need a smooth vape without the harshness, you must pick Nic-Salt as your move-to e-liquid blend.

Reason Two £ Faster Nic Absorption

Like real cigarettes, the nicotine hit from Nic-Salts is instant. Nic-Salt, because of its lower PH, is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream. Meaning you experience the alleviation of any nicotine cravings as soon as you take your first vape. This approach that you require less e-liquid to fill you making it a less expensive option than the usage of traditional freebase nicotine e-liquid.

Reason Three £ More Powerful Nic Hit

One of the main blessings of the use of Nic-Salts that maximum vapers like is that you get MORE nicotine with every vape than you would through the use of traditional e-liquid nicotine. Because Nic-Salt is less difficult for the body to absorb, the proportion of nicotine from each vape is higher than e-liquid using preferred freebase nicotine e-liquid. For example, in case you are used to the usage of 5mg nicotine electricity in ordinary e-liquid after which switch to 5mg the use of Nic-Salts, you may enjoy stronger nicotine hit as extra of the 5mg is absorbed vaping with Nic-Salt. This approach that you may save cash and e-liquid with the aid of vaping much less to get your nicotine craving sated.

A graph to show the absorption of Nicotine in Blood

Here is a graph to show the amount of nicotine in the blood produced with the aid of traditional tobacco cigarettes trendy nicotine e-liquid and Nic-Salt e-liquid. The graph honestly suggests the nicotine absorption from Nic-Salt e-liquid almost suits that of the traditional cigarette and some distance surpasses common freebase nicotine e-liquid.

As you may see in the graph, the nicotine amount absorbed into the blood and body the use of Nic-Salts e-liquid is much better than preferred e-liquids. It means you'll be using less e-liquid, saving your money. Originally Nic-Salts became famous for small, low-powered pod systems and enabled excessive nicotine use without the harshness and without requiring an effective large vape device.
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