2 x AWT 18650 3000MAH 20A/40A Battery

2 x AWT 18650 3000MAH 20A/40A Battery

Brand: AWT

AWT's 18650 batteries offer high-amperage, high-quality, and long-lasting performance. These batteries are capable of powering any mod, including those that require a lot of watts.

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2 x AWT 18650 3000MAH 20A/40A Battery

2 x AWT 18650 3000MAH 20A/40A Battery

The 18650 batteries from AWT are high-amperage, high-quality, and long-lasting batteries. These batteries have enough juice to power any mod, even those that need a lot of wattages.

This product has the following features:

3000 mAh nominal capacity

Discharge End Voltage: 2.5V Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

1.25A is the standard charging current.

Continuous Discharging Current: 20A Charging Voltage:

4.20+-0.05V Peak Charging Voltage: 4.20+-0.05V Max Charging

Voltage: 4.20+-0.05V Max Charging Voltage:

CC: 40A maximum short peak discharge – independent tests show a reasonable rate of 30A.

What You'll Get:

AWT 18650 40A 3000mAh Battery (two)

The vaping group holds AWT in high regard. They use their technology to make vaping batteries that are both safe and high-performing.

Battery Protection in General

Lithium-Ion batteries are used in the vaping industry because of their safety and durability. The crucial failure rate of high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries has fallen to 1 in 10 million in recent years.

Mishandling is typically to blame when these batteries malfunction. There are a few basic safety steps you can take to ensure your batteries work at their best.

Good Practices in General

If any of the following applies, do not use the battery:

It is rusted or corroded in some way.

If the wrap has been nicked, even if it's a minor blemish,

The wrapping is coming undone.

It's swollen.

It has a distinct odour.

It's warm to the touch.

Nothing looks, smells, or feels good.

Keep the charger, as well as any other vaping materials, out of the reach of children and pets.

Batteries can never be stored in a vehicle or in direct sunlight. In a vehicle, temperatures as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit will rapidly rise to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't do it, even though it's "just for a moment."

Before using fresh batteries, make sure they're fully charged.

If you're using a mod with several batteries, make sure they're all the same age. The batteries should be "married": you should buy them together, use them together, and charge them together.

Remove the battery from the mod and stop using it if it gets too hot inside.

When holding spare batteries, make sure nothing metal (keys, pens, etc.) comes into contact with both poles of the battery or breaks the wrap around the battery. If you close the circuit by accident, the battery will quickly discharge and short out.

Concerns about the weather

Extreme temperatures are not good for lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are strained by heat and cold. At room temperature, charge and use the charger. If you're not relaxed, neither is your battery. Enable the battery to cool to room temperature before charging or using it if it has been exposed to high temperatures.

If a battery has been exposed to temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, we do not suggest using it.

If you're going to store a battery for a long time (months or years), discharge it to 3.8 volts and keep it somewhere cool and dry. A refrigerator may be used for this, but the battery must be protected from moisture.

Maintaining Longevity

The memory problems that older rechargeable batteries had are no longer an issue with today's high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries. Allowing your battery to “top off” before recharging it is safer for it than allowing it to fully drain.

Your battery will be "broken in" after a few charge cycles, and you'll get the full benefit of the mAh.

A typical Lithium-Ion battery has a 500 charge cycle life. The frequency at which you charge the battery determines its total lifetime. The lifespan of a single charge will decrease as the battery ages, and the battery should be replaced.

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2 x AWT 18650 3000MAH 20A/40A Battery reviews

2 Customer review(s)

"AWT has truly impressed me with this product, and I highly recommend these batteries to anyone in search of top-notch performance and reliability. Thanks"


Charlie . Verified Buyer Review . 26th of July 2023

"I couldn t be more pleased with my order. My batteries not only arrived swiftly and at a fair price, but all the extras that were included like quality battery cases were such a nice surprise. All AWT products are great."


Paul . Verified Buyer Review . 15th of November 2021