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Hayati Pro Ultra 15000+ Puffs | 30+ Flavours | New Device


Brand: Hayati

The Hayati Pro Ultra disposable vape is a popular choice for vapers looking for a convenient and pleasant vaping experience. The Pro Max also boasts a big 550mAh battery that can offer up to 15000 puffs of delightful vapor. The Hayati Pro Ultra comes in over 27 different tastes, so there's bound to be one that everyone will appreciate.

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  • Size: 50*25*105mm
  • Puffs: 15000+
  • Battery: 550mah, Rechargeable Battery
  • E-liquid capacity: 2*12ml
  • Flavours options: 27
  • Coil Type: 1.1 ω mesh coilImmense flavour throughout
  • Double E-liquid Tank, Ultra Satisfaction
  • Nicotine Free vape
  • Duo Independent E-liquid Tank 2*12ml
  • Visual Display Screen

The Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Disposable Vape features a unique double E-liquid tank technology and comes pre-filled with two 12ml e-liquid bottles. The device has a visual display panel that allows for simple monitoring and control. It offers extended use with an outstanding capacity of up to 15000 puffs and a 550mAh rechargeable battery.

Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 uses innovative mesh coil technology to produce exceptional flavor and vapor. It also has a switchable mouthpiece, making it adjustable to diverse tastes. This sleek and compact device is an excellent option for people looking for a high-performance, long-lasting Disposable vapes .

The Hayati Pro Ultra comes with two tanks, allowing you to change your e-liquid tank whenever you'd like. It's as easy as lifting up the mouthpiece holder and rotating it 180 degrees to return it to its original position, then putting down the convertible to use as another tank.

What's inside the box.

1 x Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Disposable Vape Device

Hayati Pro Ultra 15000+ Flavours:

  1. Summer Dream
  2. Mango Ice
  3. Blue Razz Cherry
  4. Blue Sour Raspberry
  5. Blueberry Raspberry
  6. Cherry Berry
  7. Lime & Lime
  8. Cherry Berry
  9. Kiwi Grape Raspberry
  10. Strawberry Watermelon
  11. Mangosteen
  12. Crystal ice / Icy Citrus
  13. Icy Citrus
  14. Blueberry Cotton Candy
  15. Blue Raspberry
  16. Blueberry Hubba Bubba
  17. Watermelon Hubba Bubba
  18. Watermelon Ice
  19. Tropical Pineapple
  20. Raspberry Cola
  21. Mento's Mint
  22. Mr. Blue
  23. Pineapple Fantasy

Hayati Pro Ultra 15000+ Specifications:

1 Size: 50 x 25 x 105mm
2 Puffs: 600 puffs
3 Puffs: 15000+
4 Battery: 550mah, Rechargeable Battery
5 E-liquid capacity: 2 x 12ml
6 Coil Type: 1.1 ω mesh coilImmense flavour throughout
7 Double E-liquid Tank, Ultra Satisfaction

Meet the Hayati® Pro Ultra, a top vaping device for the best vape of the year. Engineered for the discerning vaper, it’s a breakthrough in the vape market with its dual-flavor vape technology. This device isn’t just another addition to your collection; it’s the evolution of vaping, offering an unprecedented experience.

Design Excellence: Compact, Stylish, and Functional

The Hayati Pro Ultra boasts a sleek design, sized at 5025105MM, making it an ideal companion for those seeking a stylish vape. It’s a prime example of how the best vapes online combine form and function in a seamless manner.

Vaping Capacity: Long-Lasting Enjoyment

With a promise of 15000+ puffs provided by a potent 550mAh battery and dual 12ML e-liquid capacity, the Hayati® Pro Ultra stands out as the long-lasting vape that enthusiasts are searching for. Say goodbye to constant recharging and refilling – this device is built to last.

Flavor Innovation: Dual Delights in One Device

The Hayati® Pro Ultra changes the game with its dual-flavor options – a feature that has placed it on the map as potentially the best vape for flavor. With 27 flavor choices, including standout profiles like Blackcurrant Cotton Candy paired with Blue Raspberry, Blueberry Hubba Bubba alongside Watermelon Hubba Bubba, and the refreshing Crystal Ice with Icy Citrus H' Berg + P' Man, it delivers a two-in-one flavor sensation that's a first in vape technology.

Quality and Safety: Top Priority

Hayati® Pro Ultra is synonymous with quality and safety, ensuring that you are purchasing one of the safest vapes available. The device's strength caters to a smooth vaping experience, making it suitable for those looking for a mild nicotine vape.

The Verdict: Why Hayati® Pro Ultra is a Game-Changer

In the world of best vapes to buy, the Hayati® Pro Ultra is a standout product, offering unparalleled quality, extended battery life, and innovative flavors. It's not just a vape; it's the future of vaping, providing a two-fold pleasure with every puff. If you're browsing for the best vape deals, the Hayati® Pro Ultra should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. It’s more than just a gadget; it’s a new chapter in the vaping narrative.

7 Reviews For Hayati Pro Ultra 15000+ Puffs | 30+ Flavours | New Device

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Maritia Kennan on 19th of February 2024

Brilliant disposable vape forget the 600 puff vape there crap don t last this really lasts.


Hazel on 13th of February 2024

It is an exceptional vaping device that delivers an extensive vaping experience with its high puff count and smooth draw.


Nutta on 3rd of January 2024

Awesome device taste is spot o work for ages having the 2 tanks is a game changer battery could last abit longer but charges really quick and still lasts a full day


Miss S M Taylor on 27th of December 2023

The best one I have tried


H on 7th of December 2023

A great new product from Hayati. Really great flavour and nice draw. Battery indicator and e-liquid level is a very nice touch.. it can even tell which tank you are using so it measures the levels independently Offers great value for money with its long lifespan. Definitely recommend this product.


Liam on 6th of December 2023

Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Puffs is the best vaping device for vapers like me. Totally recommended


louis on 2nd of November 2023

Love the fact that there are so many flavours, great variety in the flavours of Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Puffs and in the store. Cheers, Ninja vape.