Want to Quit Smoking, Vaping is the solution

January 3, 2023

According to BBC News, more than 50% of UK's Vapers quit smoking

Want to Quit Smoking, Vaping is the solution

Smoking: More than half of the vapers in the UK were once smokers, an observation indicated. Most of them had quit smoking using electronic cigarettes. According to a survey of 12 Thousand adults, around 1.5 million e-cigarette users used to smoke, whereas there are 1.3 Million users who never smoked.

According to BBC News, more than 50% of UK's Vapers quit smoking.

Vaping is less harmful

Vaping is less harmful, and it helps you if you want to quit smoking. But the message that £Vaping is less harmful£ had not been conveyed properly to the general public. Still, there is a significant rise in the number of vapers in the UK. In 2012 we had 700 Thousand, but now we have 2.9 million vapers in the country.

Vaping helps in quitting tobacco

The most common reasons ex-smokers give for vaping are
1. It is less harmful than cigarettes
2. It helps them quit smoking

Vapers who are still smoking say £We reduce the amount of smoke by using vape occasionally£

According to scientists, the risk of smoking tobacco is much higher than in vaping. People who are aware of the fact are quitting tobacco and start taking interest in vaping.

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