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VG: 70%

E-Liquid Blue Raspberry Ice 100ml Shortfill


Brand: Ninja Vapes

Discover our BLUE RASPBERRY ICE flavour vape liquid for a truly refreshing vape. Blue Raspberry shortfill is a deliciously tangy hit of punchy, bittersweet raspberry that�s sweet, sour, and smooth. This product contains 100ml of e-liquid in a 120ml shortfill bottle. The e-liquid�s 70VG/30PG ratio makes it ideal for sub-ohm tanks.

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Discover our BLUE RASPBERRY ICE flavour vape liquid for a truly refreshing vape.

Introducing the Ninja Vapes Blue Raspberry e-liquid in a 50ml Shortfill bottle from the IVG Classics Range. Immerse yourself in a delectable fusion of freshly handpicked blueberries and raspberries with a subtle slushy essence, complemented by a hint of ice for a refreshing experience.

Product Details:

Crafted to comply with TPD regulations, this nicotine-free shortfill boasts a 70% VG and 30% mixed PG ratio, delivering a perfect balance for both flavor enthusiasts and cloud chasers. Encased in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle, the Blue Raspberry e-liquid provides 100ml of 0mg nicotine content, leaving room for a 10ml nicotine shot of your choice. Add 2x 18mg Nicotine shots for a 120ml bottle with a 3mg nicotine strength, creating a customized vaping experience tailored to your preferences. Indulge in the tantalizing world of Ninja Vapes and elevate your vaping journey with this irresistible Blue Raspberry blend.

What does Blue Raspberry ice vape taste like?

Blue Raspberry Ice vape offers a delightful combination of sweet and tart blue raspberry flavor with a refreshing icy undertone. The fruity notes provide a vibrant and mouthwatering experience, while the cooling sensation adds a crisp finish to elevate the overall taste. It's a popular choice for vapers seeking a harmonious blend of fruity sweetness and invigorating coolness.

What is Blue Razz ice used to for?

Blue Razz Ice is a popular e-liquid flavor used in vaping to provide a refreshing and sweet vaping experience. The blend typically combines the fruity taste of blue raspberry with a cooling menthol or ice undertone, offering a satisfyingly crisp and flavorful sensation. It's a favorite among vapers who enjoy a balance of fruity sweetness and a cool finish in their vaping sessions.

Is Blue Raspberry a good vape juice?

Absolutely! Blue Raspberry is a highly popular vape juice known for its sweet and tangy flavor profile. Vapers appreciate its vibrant taste, making it a deliciously satisfying choice. Whether you enjoy it on its own or as part of a blend, Blue Raspberry stands out as a consistently delightful and refreshing vape juice.

What flavors of vape are ice?

Ice-flavored vapes offer a cool and refreshing twist to your vaping experience. Popular ice-infused flavors include menthol, peppermint, spearmint, and various fruit blends with added icy undertones like Blue Raspberry Ice or Watermelon Ice. These flavors provide a crisp and invigorating sensation, making them a favorite among vapers who enjoy a chilly kick to their vape sessions.

E-Liquid Blue Raspberry Ice Flavors List:

  • Blue Raspberry Ice
  • E-Liquid Blue Raspberry Ice Specifications:

    E-Liquid Quantity 120ml shortfill bottle
    Made UK
    Proportion 70VG/30PG ratio
    Ideal for sub-ohm tanks
    100ml of e-liquid

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    h=5a2c3819921097614906f1ba140ae289- div style= display none on 1st of May 2022


    🤍 Jill just viewed your profile More info http uj9e h=5a2c3819921097614906f1ba140ae289 on 22nd of April 2022


    Rooney on 1st of March 2022

    Amazing vapes and E-liquid. Someone recommended me this BLUE RASPBERRY ICE flavour vape liquid for a truly refreshing taste and i really appreciate. Give it a try


    Neil on 1st of March 2022

    Ninja vapes has excellent and professional service. I have ordered this E-liquid twice and highly recommend..


    Dawson on 26th of February 2022

    I bought this vape juice because a friend had it. I have found the flavour to be wonderful. Overall it is very good.


    Edward on 22nd of December 2021

    The mushy tang of blueberry and raspberry syrup, as well as a super-refreshing menthol blast on the exhale, combine to make Blue Raspberry Ice. Ninja Vapes frosty flavour is one of my favourites.


    Jacob on 20th of December 2021

    This Blue Raspberry ice is the best liquid with an ice shot for the extra hit and great flavour and good cloud production. It has a perfect combination of sweet-sour and smooth raspberries with icy cool menthol kick on exhale. Ninja Vapes has a wide variety of flavour ranges. Super fast delivery, easy to order. Thanks, Ninja Vapes.


    Pethei on 17th of December 2021

    Always very happy with the service I receive, blue raspberry is a favourite of mine so order quite regularly, wouldnt buy anywhere else. The Cool icy iconic taste of raspberries is excellent. I love to order my all Vaping products from Ninja Vapes. Thanks, Ninja Vapes.


    Grham on 17th of December 2021

    This Blue Raspberry Ice has a great flavour good taste of raspberries with an icy cool menthol kick. Easy to order it from Ninja Vapes online vape store at a very reasonable price.


    Samy on 25th of November 2021

    Blue Raspberry Ice sweet, the squishy tang of blueberry and raspberry syrup, and a super-refreshing menthol blast on the exhale. I love the icy flavour by Ninja Vapes.