Pukka Juice E-Liquid Blackcurrant Ribes 10ml

Pukka Juice E-Liquid Blackcurrant Ribes 10ml

Brand: Pukka Juice

This blend offers a great mix of ripe blackcurrants with luscious ripe flavour notes throughout to make a tasty vape juice! An amazing combination by pukka juice in this new blackcurrant ribes e liquid nicotine salt. A 10ml standard vape juice bottle comes in variable strengths

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Pukka Juice E-Liquid Blackcurrant Ribes 10ml

Pukka Juice E-Liquid Blackcurrant Ribes 10ml

To make a tasty vaping juice, this blend features a delicious mix of ripe blackcurrants with succulent ripe flavour notes throughout!

Pukka Juice 50/50 Eliquid is a great brand with a 50 percent VG ( Vegetable Glycerine ) and 50 percent Mixed PG ( Propylene Glycol ) concentration ratio, as well as flavourings and Free Base nicotine.

Experience the delightful essence of Blackcurrant Vibes, reminiscent of your cherished blackcurrant cordial, brimming with a luscious blend of sweet and velvety dark fruit flavour. Achieve the perfect harmony of clouds, vapour, and flavour with our 50% Vegetable Glycerine, 50% Propylene Glycol ratio, tailored for compatibility with starter vape kits, compact pod vape kits, and pen vape kits ensuring a satisfying vaping experience at Ninja Vapes.

Where is pukka juice made?

Pukka Juice is proudly crafted in the United Kingdom, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity. Known for its bold fruit blends, Pukka Juice has become a popular choice among vapers seeking genuine and flavourful e-liquids.

What flavour is blackcurrant vape juice?

Enter in the enticing flavour of our Blackcurrant Vape Juice, capturing the sweet yet smooth essence of your favourite Blackcurrant cordial. Immerse yourself in a delightful burst of dark fruit flavour, creating a vaping experience that's both refreshing and satisfying at Ninja Vapes.

What flavour is blackcurrant menthol?

Elevate your vaping experience with our Blackcurrant Menthol blend, fusing the rich sweetness of Blackcurrant with a cool menthol kick. Immerse your taste buds in the perfect harmony of fruity sweetness and refreshing menthol for a satisfying and invigorating vape at Ninja Vapes.

What flavour is blackcurrant ice?

Savor the refreshing twist of our Blackcurrant Ice, where the rich and sweet notes of Blackcurrant meet the cool sensation of ice. Immerse yourself in this invigorating blend, delivering a delightful fusion of fruity sweetness and icy freshness for an exceptional vaping experience at Ninja Vapes.

Pukka Juice E-Liquid Flavours:

  • Blackcurrant
  • Pukka Juice E-Liquid Specifications:

    Bottle Size 10ml E-Liquid Bottles
    Proportion 50% VG / 50% PG
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 0mg, 3mg and 6mg
    Designed For Starter Kits & Pod Devices
    TPD Compliant
    Tamper Evident Sealed and Childproof Cap
    Recyclable Bottle

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    1 Customer review(s)

    "Very nice. It was exactly what I was hoping for it to be and was not disappointed. If you enjoy the ripe blackcurrants flavours like me then I would recommend this one highly"


    Billy C . Verified Buyer Review . 21st of January 2022