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VG: 70%

E-Liquid Blue Raspberry Millions 100 ml Shortfill


Brand: Ninja Treats

Blue Raspberry Millions e-liquid by Ninja Treats e-liquids features the delectable flavour of fresh blue raspberry millions candy. A 100ml vape juice is going to be your best partner this summer. Blue Raspberry Ice reviews are evident of its good quality and authentic taste.

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Nicotine Shots:
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The Ninja Treats full range is now available!

Ninja Treats Specialists created the 35 flavours in this line, ensuring that you get only the best E-Liquid available.

Ninja Treats has come a long way in a short amount of time, with over 20,000 bottles sold and counting!

We believe it is important to ensure that the e-liquid used by our customers is of the highest quality.

Our E-Liquid is produced in a skilled lab environment, and the mixing of our E-Liquid ingredients necessitates chemistry and E-Liquid industry expertise.

Our vape juice contains 99 percent food-grade ingredients.

Indulge in the exquisite flavor of Blue Raspberry Millions E-liquid, a delightful creation that captures the essence of sweet blue raspberries in every puff. This 100ml shortfill bottle is generously filled with 100ml of nicotine-free e-liquid, allowing for a customized vaping experience.

Discover the excellence of this exceptional vape liquid a nicotine-free shortfill that perfectly aligns with TPD regulations. Crafted with precision, it features a balanced concentration of 50% VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and 50% mixed PG (Propylene Glycol), enhanced with premium food flavorings. Immerse yourself in the quality and compliance of this remarkable e-liquid, exclusively at Ninja Vapes.

The alluring taste of blue raspberries is complemented by the option to add nicotine shots, tailoring the strength to your preference. Immerse yourself in the world of Ninja Vapes with Blue Raspberry Millions, where each inhale promises a burst of fruity satisfaction reminiscent of the classic sweet treat.

E-Liquid Blue Raspberry Millions 100 ml Flavors List:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Bubblegum
  • E-Liquid Blue Raspberry Millions 100 ml Specifications:

    E-Liquid Quantity 100ml
    Made UK
    Proportion VG/PG: 50:50
    Nicotine Shots 3mg,6mg
    Flavour Notes: Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum

    People Also Ask About?

    Is raspberry a good vape flavor?

    Raspberry is an excellent vape flavor loved for its sweet and slightly tart profile. The vibrant and fruity notes make raspberry a popular choice among vapers seeking a refreshing and enjoyable vaping experience. Explore the goodness of raspberry flavors at Ninja Vapes for a delightful twist on your vape journey.

    What Flavours are in Blue Raspberry vape?

    Blue Raspberry vape is a delectable blend featuring the sweet and juicy essence of ripe blueberries complemented by the tartness of succulent raspberries. Immerse yourself in the harmonious combination of these two delightful flavors, creating an irresistible vaping experience at Ninja Vapes.

    What flavor is the blue razz vape juice?

    Blue Razz vape juice offers a mouth-watering fusion of sweet blueberries and tangy raspberries, creating a delightful and refreshing flavor. Dive into the delectable world of Blue Razz at Ninja Vapes for a perfect balance of fruity sweetness that will satisfy your vaping cravings.

    What Flavour is Mr Blue vape juice?

    Mr. Blue's vape juice boasts a captivating blend of ripe blueberries with a subtle hint of mint, delivering a refreshing and fruity flavor profile. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing taste of Mr. Blue, available at Ninja Vapes for a delightful blueberry-infused vaping experience.

    6 Reviews For E-Liquid Blue Raspberry Millions 100 ml Shortfill

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    David Ross on 22nd of December 2021

    My favourite flavour is blue raspberry, therefore I get it frequently and would not buy it anywhere else. The cool, frosty flavour of raspberries is fantastic.


    Packard on 22nd of December 2021

    The flavour of this blue raspberry juice is delicious. Raspberry s sweet and tart flavour is irresistible. I would d buy it again in a heartbeat.


    Hary on 20th of December 2021

    Blue Raspberry Millions is really a refreshing taste. A great combination of sweet and sour raspberries on inhale and exhale. I love the candy flavour. Perfect for an easy all-day vape. Ninja Vapes always have a prompt delivery service.


    Andrew on 17th of December 2021

    This Blue raspberry juice has a really nice flavour. The sweet and sour flavour of raspberries is just love. i definitely buy it again from the best online vape store in the UK the Ninja Vapes.


    Jack on 17th of December 2021

    This Blue Raspberry Millions juice has a really good flavour. It s nice and sweet. An easy everyday vape. Another favourite of mine it s a really nice juice and was never disappointed. Could have had a touch more flavour but I bought it again so I m definitely happy with Ninja Treats products. Highly recommend Ninja Vapes.