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The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 Puffs | 11.49£ Only


Brand: Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA

The Crystal Pro Max Plus by WGA is the epitome of disposable vape. It is one of the newest disposable vaporizers, the Crystal Pro Max Plus 10000 Disposables vape is lightweight and pocket-friendly with the best taste. This is an inexpensive disposable vape pod with an 850 mAh battery that provides enjoyable vaping at the lowest cost.

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  • Puffs: Up to 10000 Puffs
  • Brand: WGA
  • Battery Capacity: 850 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Draw activate with prefilled pod tank
  • Crystal Clear Design, Compact and Sleek Device
  • Mesh coil for better high vapour experience
  • Nicotine Free Vape
  • Next Generation of Disposable Vapes
  • Portable & Lightweight Chassis
  • Pocket Friendly when on the Go! 
  • Not From Hayati

We present The Crystal Pro Max Plus by WGA, the pinnacle of disposable vaporization. One of the newest disposable vaporizers, the Crystal Pro Max Plus 10000 Disposables vape is lightweight and pocket-friendly with better taste thanks to the integrated mesh Coils. You can always discover a flavor or combination of flavors that makes you happy with a large flavor variety. The Crystal Pro Max Plus 10000 Disposable Vape is an innovative design that combines a specialized heating technology with a smooth and clean taste for improved vaping and clouds.

With an inbuilt 850mAh battery and Type-C charging, the WGA Crystal Pro Max Plus Disposable Vape ensures long-lasting performance and quick charging ability. Your vaping experience is made more elegant and portable by the translucent shell and small size. Enjoy a hassle-free and cost-effective vaping pleasure with this disposable vape that offers up to 10,000 pure bliss puffs. It is simply draw-activated, convenient, and ideal for portable vaping.

The Crystal Pro Max Plus 10000 Disposable Vape is one of the newest disposables vapes, and the mesh coils inside give it a better flavor. You can always discover a taste or combination of flavors that you like thanks to the broad variety of flavors available. By combining a specialized heating mechanism with its cutting-edge design, you receive a smooth and pure taste when you vape the crystal bar.

What's inside the box:

1 x The Crystal Pro Max Plus Disposable Vape Device

Crystal Pro Max Plus Flavors:

  1. Blue Razz Ice
  2. Cola Lime
  3. Banana Ice
  4. Vimto Bull
  5. Cherry Ice
  6. Blue Razz Cherry
  7. Mad Blue
  8. Cherry Peach Lemonade
  9. Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  10. Blueberry
  11. Hubba Hubba
  12. Double Apple
  13. Triple Mango
  14. Pineapple
  15. Strawberry Ice
  16. Pik Lemonade
  17. Blueberry Raspberry
  18. Blueberry Cherry Cranberry
  19. Sakura Grape
  20. Lemon Lime
  21. Ice Pop
  22. Pineapple Ice
  23. Fizzy Cherry
  24. Watermelon Ice
  25. Fresh Mint
  26. Summer Dream
  27. Mr. Pink
  28. Skittles
  29. Gummy Bear

Crystal Pro Max Plus Specifications:

1 Puffs: 10000 Puffs
2 Battery: Internal 850mAh Battery
3 Best Device Yes
4 E-juice Capacity: 2ml of e-liquid
5 Mesh Coil for Better Flavor
6 Draw activated.

49 Reviews For The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 Puffs | 11.49£ Only

Review “The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 Puffs | 11.49£ Only”

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Jack on 6th of March 2024

It is incredible 10000 puffs, it lasts longer than any other disposable vape I ve tried. The flavours are rich and satisfying, and the device itself feels sturdy and well-made.


Henry on 13th of February 2024

The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA delivers exceptional gaming performance, combining cutting-edge features with a sleek design for an immersive experience. Its powerful graphics and fast processing make it a top choice for gamers looking for high-quality gameplay.


Leo on 25th of January 2024

coo beNS


Arnold on 24th of January 2024

I am satisfied with my purchase due to the high-quality product and quick delivery services. This crystal pro max plus is incredible. Thankyou.


Beckett on 11th of January 2024

The pineapple flavor of this disposable vape is amazing. It delivers a taste like a blend of pineapples with every puff. I enjoy inhaling it throughout the day.


Cealin on 10th of January 2024

The 10000 puffs and fizzy cherry flavor are fantastic. The fizzy cherry delivers a delightful blend of cherries with a refreshing fizzy soda,making each puff thoroughly enjoyable.


Arthur on 9th of January 2024

The incredible lemon lime flavor delivered with each puff is truly enjoyable. making my vaping sessions a delightful experience. Thanks.


wallace on 8th of January 2024

The incredible fresh mint flavor it offers is absolutely incredible. It s incredibly refreshing and cool, making it something I love inhaling all day long. Thank you.


Blake on 5th of January 2024

This vape is of high-quality. The flavor it delivers is excellent and pure. I love inhaling each puff of it. Thanks,ninjavape.


Adam on 29th of December 2023

The thing that I love the most about Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 Puffs, is the flavours are really good, and the fact that it is long lasting just adds on to how good it is.


stane on 6th of December 2023

The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA comes with 10000 Puffs and with number of amazing flavors. The vaping experience was amazing. The flavor hit was awesome. I just loved it. Thank you ninja vapes.


steven on 4th of December 2023

The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 Puffs is just amazing I love its stunning and portable design. And 10000 puffs are enough to provide a satisfying vaping session. Thank you ninja vapes.


Mateo on 23rd of November 2023

The 10000 puffs and fizzy cherry flavor are quite incredible. I love inhaling each puff. Thanks


Wyatt on 22nd of November 2023

The crystal clear design of this device is fantastic, and the 10000 puffs are enough to provide a satisfying vaping session. Thanks


Blake on 21st of November 2023

The cherry ice flavor is delicious because it captures the authentic taste of cherries with refreshing icy sensation. Thanks to ninjavape.


Gordon on 20th of November 2023

I love its stunning and portable design. It was a convenient and easy-to-handle device. Thanks, ninjavape.


Jay on 18th of November 2023

Taste went almost straight away


Piers on 17th of November 2023

The Blue razz ice is my favorite. It offers a flavor that combines the sweetness of blue razz with a refreshing icy coolness. It tastes really good.


Laird on 16th of November 2023

The 10000 puffs are impressive because they provide a long-lasting vaping session. This device is cost-effective and convenient to use. Thanks, ninjavape.


Louie on 13th of November 2023

I am happy with this portable and lightweight device. This vape is easy to carry anywhere without any hassle. I love the delicious taste it provides with each puff. Thanks


Asuna Chidory on 11th of November 2023

Gargantuan vape. Absolutely huge. Was not expecting it to be quite this big. Didn’t realise that this was made by a different brand than normal Crystal bars but I’m assuming they’ve done this to intentionally poach buyers. Delivers a smooth vape with plentiful air flow. The flavour is pretty good out of the box and close the original SKE crystal bar banana flavour. Hopefully the flavour lasts. This seems like a solid alt to SKE considering they don’t seem to offer a rechargeable option. If you’re looking for a large capacity crystal bar this seems like a good option.


Bradley on 10th of November 2023

It delivers a smooth, long-lasting vaping experience. The flavor it offers with each puff is impressive and enjoyable. Thanks


Stanley on 9th of November 2023

I am happy with the number of puffs it offers. The delightful taste with each puff provides a pleasurable experience. Thank you.


Angus on 8th of November 2023

The Crystal Pro Max 10000 puffs were quite good because they provided a long-term vaping experience. I loved the quality of the product you delivered. Thanks ninjavape.


Musa on 7th of November 2023

I love the compact size of it because it is easy to fit in a pocket without any hassle. Thanks ninjavape.


Sonny on 6th of November 2023

This vape blueberry flavour is my favourite because it provides a delicious taste with each puff, and the 10,000 puffs are impressive due to the fact that it provides a long-term vaping session. Thanks


leon on 3rd of November 2023

This vape is impressive because I have tried its pineapple flavor, which was so pure and rich in taste. Its puffs count was good. Thanks to ninjavape.


Thomas on 1st of November 2023

This device s 10,000 puffs were impressive because it provides satisfaction and enjoyment for a long time, with a wide range of flavors. Thanks, ninjavape.


John on 31st of October 2023

I have tried triple mango flavor of it, which was so sweet and delightful in taste. Thanks ninjavape.


Jacob on 27th of October 2023

The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 puff capacity is perfect for a long day out or a relaxing evening. The rich flavours and the hassle-free design make it an excellent choice. Thanks


Duke on 26th of October 2023

The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 Puffs is lasts forever, and the flavors are fantastic. The device is user-friendly. I recommend it enough for its value and performance. Thanks ninjavape.


Richard on 25th of October 2023

The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10,000 Puffs lasts an incredibly long time and comes in a range of fantastic flavors. The device is easy to use, and it s a dream of flavorful vaping without the fuss of recharging.


Michael on 25th of October 2023

The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 Puffs is an incredible device with 10,000 puffs and an extended amount of flavors. It is pocket-friendly and lightweight. I love this product from Ninjavape. Thanks


Liam on 24th of October 2023

The Crystal Pro Max Plus WGA 10000 puff is a true game changer and ensures an incredibly long-lasting and enjoyable vaping experience with its massive puff capacity. It s an excellent option for any vaper because of its convenience and wide range of flavours.


Lucas on 20th of October 2023

An excellent combination of the two tastes. Strong, sweet, well-balanced beverage. The best strawberry ice flavors were discovered in other brands by Crystal Pro.


Samuel on 18th of October 2023

lightweight and pocket friendly, also great selection of huge flavours. Thanks.


Antonio on 16th of October 2023

Absolutely love this this is my first attempt at quitting smoking, and this is the only vape that has kept me from craving a cigarette plus I love the flavor. lasts a long time and is so simple


Hunter on 11th of October 2023

Extreme lovely flavour. perfect for travelling. the strawberry Ice and Apple Mango Ice is my most favorite.


Dominic on 8th of October 2023

Had it for 1 day flavour has gone I got gummy bear really annoyed


David on 2nd of October 2023

Really like these Nice flavours, last pretty well also… I’ve recommended them several times to people and they also like them.


Steve Chandler on 25th of September 2023

The vimto bull I ve had twice now liquid has seeped into the blastic casing around it my other flavours I ve not had trouble with seems odd twice with the same flavour it s happened good price just I feel some could be deadly with that liquid not where its meant to be


Simon. on 9th of September 2023

Beware. I charged one of these with an iPad charger plug and it set on fire. MY MISTAKE. I’m merely letting people know. It dropped to bits and the battery was glowing red. If I’d have gone out the house would have gone up. Use an iPhone plug ONLY and keep your eye on it. A deadly device if not used correctly.


Natasha thompson on 7th of September 2023

Had so many of these now. Really good for the price affordable and last about 1 week. Flavours are nice. Highly recommended


Serhat on 23rd of August 2023

I got banana ice flavour 10k puffs its really nice thanks


Jamesy Govan on 17th of August 2023

I was disappointed with these. Felt lack in flavour and smoothness of puff experience. Also taste started to taste bitter and burnt out after one day. I’ll definitely just stick to the crystal pro max, those are up the best and these definitely are not an upgrade to them in my opinion


Sean on 2nd of August 2023

Great larger puff vape, lasts long between charge. Worth the money


Valerie mcewen on 31st of July 2023

I m on day 5 and it s still going strong. Needs a USB 3 charger and charges fast. Good flavour also. Highly recommend this vape if you want it to last. Got them on offer so im hoping they go on offer again but I will definitely buy more of these vapes


Kayley Hardley on 10th of July 2023

Good flavors, quick to charge (USB-C charger needed)


Kirsten Bicknell on 25th of June 2023

Runs out of charge after couple of hours and no chargers that fit the port actually charge the vape. So 10,000 puffs more like 300