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VG: 70%

E-Liquid Heisenberry 100 ml Shortfill


Brand: Ninja Treats

Heisenberry E-Liquid is a luscious blend of soft blueberries, blue slushy, and hints of mixed fruit undertones and topped off with a hint of menthol on the exhale. This E-Liquid Heisenberry shortfill will leave your taste buds stimulated and refreshed to finish. The 0mg Short fill, Nic shot compatible filled 100ml to make room for two 18mg shots to make 3mg.

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The Ninja Treats full range is now available!

Ninja Treats Specialists created the 35 flavours in this line, ensuring that you get only the best E-Liquid available.

Ninja Treats has come a long way in a short amount of time, with over 20,000 bottles sold and counting!

We believe it is important to ensure that the e-liquid used by our customers is of the highest quality.

Our E-Liquid is produced in a skilled lab environment, and the mixing of our E-Liquid ingredients necessitates chemistry and E-Liquid industry expertise.

Our vape juice contains 99 percent food-grade ingredients.

What flavor is Heisen?

Heisen is a popular vape flavor known for its mysterious and unique blend of fruits, menthol, and sometimes a hint of blueberry. Experience the enigmatic and refreshing taste of Heisen with our curated selection of e-liquids.

What flavor is Heisenberry E-liquid?

At Ninja Vapes, Heisenberry E-liquid is a distinctive blend featuring fruity notes, menthol, and often a hint of blueberry, creating a mysterious and refreshing vaping experience. Explore our curated collection for the iconic flavor profile of Heisenberry.

Is Heisenberry vape juice good?

Heisenberry vape juice is highly regarded for its unique blend of fruity and menthol flavours, delivering a satisfying and refreshing vaping experience. Explore the allure of Heisenberry with our curated selection of premium e-liquids.

What is heisen berry?

Heisen Berry is a captivating variation of the iconic Heisenberry flavor, often incorporating mixed berries for a fruity twist. Discover the enticing blend of berries and menthol in our curated collection of Heisen Berry e-liquids.

E-Liquid Heisenberry Flavours:

  • Berry Fruits
  • E-Liquid Heisenberry Specifications:

    Bottle Size 100ml of E-Liquid in a 120ml Shortfill Bottle
    Proportion PG/VG: 30/70
    Made UK
    Nicotine Strength 0mg
    Flavour Profile Berry Fruits
    TPD Compliant
    Childproof Cap
    Tamper Evident Seal
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    Franklin on 22nd of December 2021

    In these shortfill take-ups of this popular flavour, the blueberries provide a powerful punch. It has the best flavour I have ever experienced, and I quickly got it from Ninja Vapes immediately.


    Burg on 20th of December 2021

    E-Liquid Heisenberry has a perfect blend of soft blueberries and slush. This is the best e-liquid for fruit lovers. this E-Liquid Juice has an amazingly refreshing taste. At Ninja Vapes you have found a wide variety of e-liquid juices according to your taste. Best online vape store in the Uk. Always prompt delivery


    Pauer on 17th of December 2021

    As a Heisenberg lover, you wont get much better than this for its price point. The Blueberries really punch in these shortfill take-ups of this popular flavour. It has the nicest flavour I have had soon ordered it again from Ninja vapes.


    Olive on 17th of December 2021

    Really good and refreshing, love the taste of a very good brand. I love the blueberries and mixed fruit flavour. Extremely helpful and fast delivery, received after ordering the next day, would recommend and use again. Thank You Ninja Vapes for your great products.