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E-Liquid Ice Mint 100ml Shortfill

E-Liquid Ice Mint 100ml Shortfill

Brand: Ninja Treats

Ice Mint is the ideal flavour for anyone who enjoys fresh, minty flavours. Really a icy cool vape juice with flavour in every drop. This e liquid will keep you dripping with its awesome taste and icy cool finish. A 100ml E liquid with zero nicotine content. Nicotine shots can be added of your desired quantity

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Ninja Treats Ice Mint 100ml Shortfill | Best Price


Introducing the Ninja Treats full range!

The 35 flavours in this range have been developed by the Ninja Treats Specialists, bringing you only the most premium E-Liquid there is.

Ninja Treats have come a long way in a short time, having sold over 20,000 bottles and counting!

We believe it's crucial to ensure that the e-liquid our customers use is made to the highest standards.

Our E-Liquid is made in a professional lab setting, and the blending of our E-Liquid ingredients involves training and expertise in chemistry and the E-Liquid field.

99+% of the ingredients in our vape juice are food grade.

Is it safe to vape mint?

Absolutely! Vaping mint-flavoured e-liquids, available at Ninja Vapes, is safe when using quality products and following proper usage guidelines. Enjoy the refreshing taste of mint in your vaping experience with confidence.

Is menthol e-liquid safe?

Yes, menthol e-liquid, offered at Ninja Vapes, is considered safe when used responsibly and with quality products. Enjoy the cool and refreshing sensation of menthol with confidence in your vaping experience.

What's the best mint vape juice?

At Ninja Vapes, our curated selection of mint vape juices offers a variety of delightful options. Experience the best in minty freshness with our premium e-liquids, catering to different preferences and delivering a satisfying vaping experience.

What is the difference between mint and menthol e-liquid?

At Ninja Vapes, the distinction lies in the flavour profile. Mint e-liquids often offer a pure, herbal mint taste, while menthol e-liquids incorporate a cooling sensation along with mint for a refreshing and icy vape experience.

E-Liquid Ice Mint Flavours:

  • Ice Mint
  • E-Liquid Ice Mint Specifications:

    Bottle Size 120ml bottle containing 100ml e-liquid
    Proportion 50% VG / 50% PG
    Made UK
    Nicotine Strength 0mg
    Space for a 20ml nicotine shot
    Sub Ohm Tanks and Kits compatible
    Child-Resistant Cap

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    E-Liquid Ice Mint 100ml Shortfill reviews

    2 Customer review(s)

    "Really obsessed with these flavours of ninja treats. Its cooling effect was hit for me and the price is great really love this flavour highly recommended"


    Vidaul . Verified Buyer Review . 3rd of March 2022

    "Ice Mint is the best vape juice i have ever vaped Had only one go to flavor before this juice and its nice minty flavor more cooling on exhale .if you can get some try it. You won t be disappointed"


    Oliver . Verified Buyer Review . 3rd of March 2022