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VG: 70%

Kingston 70/30 Bubblegum 100ml


Brand: Kingston

Kingston Gazillions 70-30 Bubblegum E-Liquid 100 ML: This is a true Bubblegum blend that combines the distinctive retro flavour with a sweet fruity touch. Kingston vape juice have zero nicotine with extra space to fill for your personalised nicotine shots.

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Gazillions 70-30 Bubblegum E-Liquid, 100ml Kingston

Gazillions 70-30 Bubblegum E-Liquid by Kingston 100ml: This is a real Bubblegum blend that combines the iconic retro flavour with a sweet fruity touch.

Gazillions 70-30 Bubblegum E-Liquid by Kingston 100ml: It does not contain nicotine and is excellent without it; but, if you are attempting to quit smoking, nicotine may be required, which you may control and gradually lower over time. The container has a capacity of 120ml and contains 100 ml of 70-30 (VG/PG) e-liquid. You can pick between traditional nicotine shots, which come in 10ml bottles, and nicotine salts, which come in 10ml bottles as well. If you were or are a heavy smoker, we recommend using nicotine salts because the salts boost the nicotine and provide a smoother, more powerful vape. Two 10ml bottles contain roughly 3mg (0.3%) nicotine, whereas four bottles contain approximately 6mg (0.6%) nicotine. If you order four or more shots per bottle, we'll throw in a free 25ml mixing bottle.

Is there a bubble gum vape flavour?

Absolutely! Dive into the delightful world of vaping with our bubble gum-flavoured e-liquids. Experience the nostalgic sweetness of bubble gum, creating a fun and flavorful vaping adventure.

What flavour is bubblegum flavour?

Indulge in the classic taste of our bubblegum-flavoured e-liquids, offering a burst of sweet and nostalgic joy with every puff. The authentic bubblegum flavour delivers a delicious and satisfying vaping experience.

What Color is bubblegum flavour?

Bubblegum flavour in e-liquids doesn't have a specific color; it's the taste that matters. Enjoy the sweet and nostalgic essence of bubblegum without worrying about the liquid's color.

Is Kingston a good vape juice?

Kingston vape juice offers a delightful combination of fruit and menthol flavours, creating a satisfying and refreshing vaping experience. Loved by many, Kingston is a reputable brand known for its quality and unique blends.

Kingston 70/30 E-Liquid Flavours:

  • Bubblegum
  • Kingston 70/30 E-Liquid Specifications:

    Bottle Size 100ml
    Proportion VG: 70% VG
    Made UK
    Nicotine Strength 0mg
    It's made for sub-ohm vaping
    Childproof Cap
    Tamper Evident Seal
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    Martin on 11th of January 2022

    Fantastic, arrived when expected with nic shots as requested. Product is excellent value will order again for delicious Kingston Gazillions