Mr Blue Geek Range E-liquid 100ml Shortfill

Mr Blue Geek Range E-liquid 100ml Shortfill

Brand: Ninja Geek Range

The flavor of mixed red and dark berries is captured in Ninja Geek Range Mr. Blue E-Liquid Short Fill 100ml, which then combines them with sweet and sour aniseed and a smidgen of minty menthol to create a cool and energizing Ninja Geek Range flavor. It is fruity, smooth, crisp, and light.

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Mr Blue Geek Range E-liquid 100ml Shortfill

Mr Blue captures the taste of mixed red and dark berries, then pairs them with sweet and spicy aniseed and a hint of minty menthol in this cool and refreshing Ninja Geek Range flavour. It's crisp, fruity, silky, and light.

This E-Liquid comes bottled into a 120ml bottle and contains 100ml of 0mg nicotine e-liquid. That leaves a 20ml empty space for adding a nic shot of your desired strength. Adding 2x 18mg Nicotine shot will result in 120ml of 3mg strength vaping e-liquid. This shortfill bottle contains 70VG/30PG, which results in a dense vapour cloud vape experience. You will have to add a nicotine source into your e liquid. High VG E-Liquids will give you a smoother feeling when inhaled also ideal for cloud chaser as high VG makes more clouds. High PG liquids will produce less vapour smoke and more of a throat hit.

What flavour is Mr Blue vape juice?

Mr Blue vape juice by our Ninja Geek Range offers a sophisticated blend of mixed red and dark berries, complemented by sweet aniseed and a hint of refreshing menthol. It delivers a crisp, fruity, and invigorating vaping experience.

How long does a 100ml Shortfill last?

The duration of a 100ml Shortfill at Ninja Vapes varies based on individual usage patterns. On average, vapers can anticipate it lasting several days to a couple of weeks, ensuring a satisfying and enduring vaping experience.

What is Mr Blue supposed to taste like?

Mr Blue is designed to taste like a combination of mixed red and dark berries, infused with sweet aniseed and a touch of minty menthol, delivering a refreshing and fruity vaping experience.

How much Nic do I add to 100ml?

Customize your nicotine strength by adding 2 x 10ml Nic shots to our 100ml Shortfill at Ninja Vapes. This creates 120ml of e-liquid with the desired nicotine level, making it easy to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences.

Geek Range E-Liquid Flavours:

  • Aniseed
  • Mint
  • Mr Blue Geek Shortfill Features

    • 120ml Shortfill Bottle
    • 100ml Of E-Liquid
    • 20ml Nic Shots
    • Designed For Sub Ohm Vaping
    • 70% VG / 30% PG
    • Childproof Cap
    • Tamper Evident Seal
    • Recyclable Bottle
    • Made In UK

    Mr Blue E-liquid 100 ML Shortfill Specifications

    Brand Ninja Geek Range
    E-Liquid Brands Geek Vape
    Flavours Mixed Berries, Aniseed, Menthol
    Nicotine Strength 2%
    VG / PG Ratio 70%/30%
    Free Nicotine Shot 2 x 18mg Nic Shot = 3mg,

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    Mr Blue Geek Range E-liquid 100ml Shortfill reviews

    2 Customer review(s)

    "Mr blue is the worst I have tried so far, basically it doesn t taste of much of anything. Very very boring"


    Alonzo . Verified Buyer Review . 18th of May 2022

    "For many years, my regular minty style was unavailable. I ve tried a variety of options. This is the most effective I ve discovered. It s my new go-to vape, I believe. Now I Love the blue raspberry and cherry flavour. It gives me a super strong fruity kick. Thanks to NInja."


    James . Verified Buyer Review . 29th of March 2022