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Riot Squad Nic Salt Cherry Menthol 10ml

Riot Squad Nic Salt Cherry Menthol 10ml

Brand: Riot Squad Nic Salt

Menthol with a red cherry fruit flavour. They come in a blend of 50% Nic Salt and 50% freebase nicotine with the same PG/VG ratio. A standard 10ml Nic salt E-liquid bottle comes with variable nicotine strengths.

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Riot Squad Nic Salt Cherry Menthol 10ml

Step into a universe of fruity refreshments with Ninja Vapes' Cherry Chill e-liquid by Riot Squad. Our mix consolidates the delicious pleasantness of ready cherries with a fresh menthol breeze, making an impeccably adjusted vape experience.

Pick your favored strength from our scope of 10mg to 20mg choices, guaranteeing you find the ideal fit for your vaping venture. Created as a hybrid Nic Salt, Cherry Chill joins the quick fulfillment of salt nicotine with a powerful throat hit for a satisfying sensation. If you're reluctant about nicotine levels, choosing a somewhat lower strength is encouraged to try not to overcome throat sensations.

With a 50% VG ratio, our e-liquid promises intense flavour without sacrificing smoothness. Ideal for pod systems and starter kits, Cherry Chill delivers satisfying clouds without compromising on taste.

Ninja Vapes proudly presents Riot Squad's Cherry Chill as part of our diverse lineup of vape juices. Crafted in the UK, our collection features a fusion of fruity, beverage-inspired, and menthol blends, ensuring a truly unique vaping journey for every enthusiast.

What is the range of riot salts?

Riot Salts offers a diverse range of flavours, including fruity blends, menthol sensations, and classic favourites. Each e-liquid is expertly crafted with a hybrid blend of 50% freebase nicotine and 50% salt nicotine for a satisfying vaping experience.

What is cherry menthol?

Cherry Menthol is a refreshing fusion of sweet cherry flavour with a cooling menthol undertone, delivering a delightful vaping experience packed with fruity freshness and icy coolness.

What does Cherry menthol vape taste like?

Cherry Menthol vape delivers a burst of ripe cherry sweetness followed by a soothing menthol breeze, creating a harmonious blend of fruity richness and refreshing coolness for a truly satisfying taste experience.

Are Riot Squad Nic salts good?

Certainly! Riot Squad Nic Salts provide a satisfying vaping experience with their rich flavour profiles and smooth nicotine delivery, making them an excellent choice for vapers looking for quality and satisfaction.

Riot Squad Nic Salt Flavours:

  • Cherry
  • Menthol
  • Riot Squad Nic Salt Specifications:

    Bottle Size 10ml bottles
    Proportion 50% VG | 50% PG
    Nicotine strength 10mg | 20mg
    Made UK
    Hybrid Nicotine
    Blended For MTL Vape Kits
    Childproof cap
    Tamper evident seal

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    Riot Squad Nic Salt Cherry Menthol 10ml reviews

    1 Customer review(s)

    "Riot Squad Nic Salt Cherry Menthol 10ml my friend s favorite flavor he loves the cherry Menthol, he suggests me to use that flavor, absolutely Love it, great design, easy to use. Thanks, Ninja Vapes."


    Basim . Verified Buyer Review . 24th of June 2022