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Syco Xtreme Fruity Blueberry 100ml


Brand: Syco Xtreme

Our delicious blueberry E liquid offers a luscious, fruity flavour that's perfect for all-day vaping. Syco Xtreme brings fruity blueberry vape juice in 120ml nicotine free bottle

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Syco Xtreme Fruity Blueberry 100ml

SYCO Xtreme has developed the FRUITY selection of E-Liquids for those who like clear flavours in their E-Liquids. Our sweet blueberry E-liquid has a ripe, fruity flavour that's perfect for all-day vaping.

SYCO Xtreme presents its FRUITY E-Liquid range for those who prefer simple yet flavourful options. The Blueberry Shortfill offers a sweet and ripe blueberry taste, perfect for an all-day vape experience. With an 80 VG/20 PG mix, this shortfill ensures substantial cloud production and consistent flavour for sub-ohm vaping using various devices. Based in the UK, SYCO E-Liquids specializes in crafting a variety of delicious fused e-liquids.

Is blueberry vaping flavour good?

Absolutely! Our Blueberry Shortfill E-Liquid by SYCO Xtreme delivers a deliciously sweet and ripe blueberry flavour, making it a fantastic choice for vapers who appreciate a delightful and consistent vaping experience. Try it for a burst of fruity goodness in every puff.

What flavour is mixed berry vape?

Our Mixed Berry Vape offers a delightful fusion of various berry flavours, creating a sweet and tangy medley that tantalizes the taste buds. Experience the perfect balance of berries in every satisfying puff.

How long does 100ml e-liquid last?

A 100ml bottle of e-liquid can last varying durations depending on personal usage, but on average, it provides approximately two to three weeks of vaping for regular users. Factors like device, wattage, and frequency of use contribute to the overall lifespan of the e-liquid.

Is blueberry vape juice sweet?

Yes, blueberry vape juice is known for its sweet and fruity flavour profile, delivering a delightful taste of ripe blueberries. The sweetness can vary among different brands and formulations, providing options for vapers with preferences ranging from subtly sweet to more intense flavours.

Syco Xtreme E-Liquid Flavours:

  • Sweet Blueberry
  • Syco Xtreme E-Liquid Specifications:

    Bottle Size 100ml E-Liquid by SYCO Xtreme
    Proportion 80% VG 20% PG blend
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 0mg
    Flavor Profile Blueberry
    Designed for Sub Ohm Vaping
    Bottle that can be recycled
    Tamper Evident Seal
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    John Bell on 22nd of September 2021

    I ve made several purchases from a trustworthy ninja vapes internet store. firmly believe


    Tom Scott on 22nd of September 2021

    Enjoyable flavour, and good delivery. The best site for fast and amazing brands.


    Reven on 22nd of September 2021

    I have tried a very simple and good taste. enjoy all day after tasting. recommend


    Mike James on 22nd of September 2021

    For individuals who prefer clear flavours in their E-Liquids, SYCO Xtreme has created the Perfect FRUITY line of E-Liquids for those. It is really very exciting to touch wonderful flavour


    Jaden Smith on 22nd of September 2021

    Great brand of Syco Xtreme with delicious taste.


    Edward Allen on 22nd of September 2021

    I ve been using. The rich, delicious flavour of sweet blueberry E-liquid is ideal for all-day vaping. It is the perfect one.


    David Reiner on 22nd of September 2021

    A very straightforward and straightforward delicious flavour with excellent quality. try a pleasant taste.


    Robert Louis on 22nd of September 2021

    It has a clear and simple delicious flavour that is of excellent quality. For a delicious flavour, I suggest it.


    Geoffrey Morse on 22nd of September 2021

    Very very nice flavour. It has a delicious flavour that is ideal for all-day vaping.


    Leo. on 22nd of September 2021

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