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VG: 70%

Ultimate Puff Chilled 50/50 Pink Raspberry 10ml


Brand: Ultimate Puff

These e-liquids feature a 50 percent VG ratio and deliver clear flavour with little cloud production, making them ideal for pod devices and starter kits. ultimate puff review provide a good source to actually know the people experience.

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Ultimate Puff Chilled 50/50 Pink Raspberry 10ml

With a chilly finish, enjoy the taste of freshly picked pink raspberries. Pink Raspberry e-liquid is the gold standard when it comes to tongue-tingling, acidic sour-sweet delights. We're really proud of our Pink Raspberry e-juice, which is a tremendously popular fan favourite, and we're confident you'll enjoy it just as much as we do!. These e-liquids have a 50% VG ratio and provide clear flavour with little cloud generation, making them perfect for usage with pod devices and beginning kits. Providing a simple yet strong beverage and fruit that is flavorful.


E-Liquid Bottles (10ml)


Nicotine strengths of 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg are available.

Pod Devices and Starter Kits are catered for.

Welcome to Ninja Vapes, where you can enjoy the flavourful Ultimate Puff Chilled Pink Raspberry. Submerge yourself in the sweet eruption of newly picked pink raspberries, joined by a reviving chilly completion. The 10ml shortfill bottle, at first without nicotine, gives the choice to add 2x 10ml nicotine shots, permitting you to tweak your liquid to 3mg strength.

Investigate the superior scope of Ultimate Puff's shortfills, each bottle offering 10ml of sans nicotine liquid with an extra 10ml space to oblige your picked nicotine shots. After adding your favoured measure of nicotine, guarantee an intensive shake for a very mixed creation. Ultimate Juice, a recognized UK e-liquid organization, presents a different cluster of more than 300 flavours, traversing from delicious natural products to wanton pastries and reviving menthols.

Decide on shortfills to delay your #1 e-liquid, giving expense proficiency and comfort. These fair VG e-liquids are the most ideal for strong sub-ohm vape units, offering ideal flavour and fume creation. Lift your vaping experience with Ultimate Puff Chilled Pink Raspberry at Ninja Vapes.

What is Ultimate Puff?

Ultimate Puff is a UK-based brand renowned for crafting premium e-liquids that deliver authentic flavours, including fruits, desserts, candies, and more. With lifelike combinations and a 70% VG base, their e-liquids ensure a rich and satisfying vaping experience, catering to diverse taste preferences.

What flavour is the pink vape?

Indulge in the delightful Chilled Pink Raspberry vape at Ninja Vapes by Ultimate Puff, offering a sweet burst of freshly-picked pink raspberries with a refreshing frosty finish. Elevate your vaping experience with this fruity and cooling sensation.

Is there a raspberry vape flavour?

Absolutely! Explore the Raspberry Bliss at Ninja Vapes, a delightful e-liquid capturing the essence of ripe raspberries for a sweet and satisfying vaping experience. Immerse yourself in the fruity goodness of this premium raspberry-flavoured vape.

What colour is raspberry flavour?

Discover the vibrant and luscious Raspberry Bliss at Ninja Vapes, where the flavour is as rich and colorful as the ripe raspberries it embodies. Immerse yourself in a delightful red-hued vaping experience with this premium raspberry-flavoured e-liquid.

Ultimate Puff Chilled 50/50 E-Liquid Flavours:

  • Raspberries
  • Ultimate Puff Chilled 50/50 E-Liquid Specifications:

    Bottle Size E-Liquid Bottle (10ml)
    Proportion 50% VG, 50% PG blend
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 3mg, 6mg and 12mg
    Space for 2 x 10ml nicotine shots
    Pod Devices and Starter Kits are catered for
    Tamper Evident Sealed and Childproof Cap
    Recyclable Bottle
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    Ray on 10th of January 2022

    This juice seemed great when it arrived. Lovely smell, nice Will be buying again because it is a lovely flavour and ideal for pod devices. Absolute bargain Would recommend.


    MICHAEL on 6th of January 2022

    Ultimate Puff Chilled 50 50 Pink Raspberry is an outstanding flavour and an outstanding taste. It seemed to be simple strong. I enjoyed it all day.