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Ultimate Puff Soda 50/50 Pineapple Crush 10ml

Ultimate Puff Soda 50/50 Pineapple Crush 10ml

Brand: Ultimate Puff

The tropical paradise is calling your name! Fresh, ripe, juicy pineapples with a crisp, icy finish. Ultimate puff soda vape juice with pineapple is a juicy blend. Available in different nicotine strengths in a standard 10ml bottle

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Ultimate Puff Soda 50 50 Pineapple Crush 10ml

Ultimate Puff Soda 50/50 Pineapple Crush 10ml

It's time to get a taste of tropical paradise! Tropical pineapples, ripe and juicy, with a crisp, frosty finish. Cola has to be the best soda flavour, and Ultimate Puff has improved it by adding a sweet splash of tropical pineapple to the mix!. These e-liquids have a 50% VG ratio and provide clear flavour with little cloud generation, making them perfect for usage with pod devices and beginning kits. Providing a simple yet strong beverage and fruit that is flavorful.

Pineapple Crush by Ultimate Puff offers a sample of the jungles with its reviving soft drink implanted with succulent pineapples and a sprinkle of ice.

Given in 120ml bottles and 100ml of e-liquid, Pineapple Squash permits space for nicotine shots to modify your vaping experience. With a high VG proportion of 50%, it's ideal for sub-ohm arrangements, conveying rich flavour and thick mists.

What is Ultimate Puff?

Ultimate Puff is a UK-based brand renowned for crafting premium e-liquids that deliver authentic flavours, including fruits, desserts, candies, and more. With lifelike combinations and a 70% VG base, their e-liquids ensure a rich and satisfying vaping experience, catering to diverse taste preferences.

What does pineapple vape taste like?

Pineapple vape juice delivers a tropical burst of sweet and tangy pineapple flavour, reminiscent of sipping on a refreshing pineapple beverage on a hot summer day. It offers a delightful combination of tropical sweetness with a hint of tartness, leaving a lingering fruity aroma with every exhale.

Is pineapple ice a good vape flavour?

Yes, pineapple ice is a refreshing and invigorating vape flavour, combining the sweet and tangy taste of pineapple with a cool icy finish. It's perfect for those who enjoy fruity and refreshing vaping experiences.

What flavour is pina colada vape?

Pina colada vape offers a tropical blend of creamy coconut and sweet pineapple, reminiscent of the classic cocktail. It delivers a smooth and indulgent flavour profile that's perfect for a relaxing vaping experience.

Ultimate Puff Soda 50/50 E-Liquids Flavours:

  • Pineapple
  • Ultimate Puff Soda 50/50 E-Liquids Specifications:

    Bottle Size 10ml
    Proportion 50% VG, 50% PG blend
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg
    2 x nicotine shots free
    Pod Devices Starter Kits are catered for
    Tamper Evident Sealed and Childproof Cap
    Recyclable Bottle

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    "I have tried every one of these juices and they are all fantastic. Ninja-vapes has everything at such a great price and delivery is fast."


    Chadwick . Verified Buyer Review . 6th of January 2022