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Ultimate Puff Villains Doctor Dread 100ml

Ultimate Puff Villains Doctor Dread 100ml

Brand: Ultimate Puff

'Villains' range Doctor Dread 100 ML E-Liquid by Ultimate E-Liquids: Ice, Blackcurrants, and Red Cherries combine in this delectable drink. Ultimate puff brings another masterpiece in its villain series vape juices. A must have if you are a tropical lover. Great reviews we received for ultimate puff 100ml bottles.

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Ultimate Puff Villains Doctor Dread 100ml

Ultimate Puff Villains Doctor Dread 100ml

Doctor Dread 100 ML E-Liquid by Ultimate E-Liquids is part of the 'Villains' line. Doctor Dread 100 ML E-Liquid by Ultimate E-Liquids from the 'Villains' Range: Fresh Blackcurrants, deep Red Cherries, and a stunning blast of Ice combine in this delectable concoction. This is precisely what the doctor prescribed. Doctor Dread 100 ML E-Liquid from Ultimate E-Liquids' 'Villains' Range is one of the best-selling e-liquids in the UK. It does not include nicotine and is a great vape without it; but, if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, the nicotine may be necessary, which you can control and gradually lower over time.

The container has a capacity of 120ml and contains 100ml of 70-30 (VG/PG) e-liquid. You can pick between traditional nicotine shots, which come in 10ml bottles, and nicotine salts, which come in 10ml bottles as well. If you were or are a heavy smoker, we recommend using nicotine salts because the salts boost the nicotine and provide a smoother, more powerful vape. Two 10ml bottles contain roughly 3mg (0.3%) nicotine, whereas four bottles contain approximately 6mg (0.6%) nicotine. If you order four or more shots per bottle, we'll throw in a free 25ml mixing bottle.

What is Ultimate Puff?

At Ninja Vapes, Ultimate Puff is a renowned UK brand crafting a diverse range of high-quality e-liquids. Explore their flavourful creations, offering a premium vaping experience for enthusiasts.

How many cigarettes is 1000 puffs?

Estimating how many cigarettes equal 1000 puffs vary, but it's roughly equivalent to 50 to 100 traditional cigarettes. Transition to vaping with our diverse range for a satisfying alternative to smoking.

How many puffs is 100ml of e-liquid?

A 100ml bottle of e-liquid provides approximately 200 to 300 puffs, offering an extended and satisfying vaping experience. Discover our diverse range of flavours in convenient 100ml bottles for lasting enjoyment.

Are 100 puffs a day good?

Consuming 100 puffs a day may be considered moderate vaping. It's essential to be mindful of your nicotine intake and choose e-liquids that align with your preferences and health goals.

Ultimate Puff E-Liquid Flavours

  • Blackcurrant
  • Ice
  • Cherry
  • Ultimate Puff E-Liquid Specifications:

    Bottle Size 120ml (100ml of Juice)
    Proportion VG: 70% | PG: 30%
    Made UK
    Nicotine Strength 0% Nicotine Free
    Nicotine Shots can be purchased separately
    Recyclable Bottle
    Childproof Cap
    Tamper Evident Seal

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    1 Customer review(s)

    "Ultimate Puff Villains Doctor Dread has a wonderful flavour and is of excellent quality Villains Doctor is a tasty brand, and Ninja Vapes service is excellent strongly recommended."


    Chris Hayward . Verified Buyer Review . 6th of January 2022