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VG: 70%

Ultimate Puff Villains The Big Bossman 100ml


Brand: Ultimate Puff

Fresh blackcurrants with a blast of ice and a diabolical serving of deep red cherries will tempt Doctor Dream. It has all you can desire in a refreshing classy E liquid. No nicotine in 100ml bottle. Nicotine shots can be added according to your own taste.

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Ultimate Puff Villains The Big Bossman 100ml

Doctor Dream will be tempted by fresh blackcurrants with a blast of ice and a diabolical helping of deep red cherries. The flavour is a berry cherry smorgasbord, with red cherry in the foreground and a luscious combination of berry flavours in the background. This e-liquid is 70% VG and 30% PG, making it great for producing larger clouds without sacrificing flavour. We recommend using it with a sub-ohm vape kit or tank for the best results.


In a 120ml short fill bottle, 100ml of e-liquid is contained.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg

There's enough room for two 10ml Nic Shots.

70% VG and 30% PG

Specifically made for sub-ohm vaping

Indulge in the hidden treasures of The Big Bossman Shortfill by Ultimate Puff at Ninja Vapes, where richly roasted nuts, velvety banana milk, and luscious honey intertwine to create a decadent vaping experience. Encounter the warmth of earthy roasts, the creamy embrace of banana milk, and the indulgent sweetness of honey, all masterfully blended for a truly satisfying vape.

What is Ultimate Puff?

Ultimate Puff is a UK-based brand renowned for crafting premium e-liquids that deliver authentic flavours, including fruits, desserts, candies, and more. With lifelike combinations and a 70% VG base, their e-liquids ensure a rich and satisfying vaping experience, catering to diverse taste preferences.

What's the highest percent of nicotine in a vape?

Discover the pinnacle of nicotine strength at Ninja Vapes, where some e-liquids offer nicotine concentrations reaching up to 20mg or even higher, providing options for those seeking a potent and satisfying vaping experience. Explore our range of customizable nicotine levels that cater to every preference.

What is the highest nicotine in vape UK?

Unlock the highest nicotine strength options in the UK at Ninja Vapes, with e-liquids offering concentrations up to 20mg or higher. Tailor your vaping experience with customizable nicotine levels to suit your preferences.

What does Big Bossman vape taste like?

Embark on a flavour journey with The Big Bossman Shortfill at Ninja Vapes, where the rich blend of freshly roasted nuts, creamy banana milk, and sweet honey creates a decadent vaping experience. Indulge in the warm, earthy nuttiness, velvety banana creaminess, and sweet touch of honey, harmoniously crafted for a truly satisfying taste.

Ultimate Puff E-Liquid Flavours:

  • Creamy Banana
  • Honey
  • Ultimate Puff E-Liquid Specifications:

    Bottle Size 120ml shortfill bottle with 100ml of e-liquid
    Proportion 70% VG / 30% PG
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 0mg, 3mg and 6mg
    There's enough room for two 10ml Nic Shots
    Specifically made for sub-ohm vaping
    Tamper Evident Sealed and Childproof Cap
    Recyclable Bottle
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    George Lawton on 6th of January 2022

    Great looking Ultimate Puff Villains The Big Bossman, had wonderful taste all day vape. Good variety of Ultimate puff is highly recommended. Quick delivery thanks ninja vapes.