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Doozy Salts Nic Salts at Ninja Vapes UK | Best Prices

Introducing you to the Doozy Vape Nic salts range that offers a selection of high-quality vape liquids for an extraordinary vaping experience. Doozy Salts is a must-try for vapers seeking a blend of innovation and flavor. You must try Ninja Vapes amazing Doozy products Doozy Salts Tropical Slush, Doozy Salts Frozen Berries 10ml, Doozy Salts Apple Grape Blast for a smooth vaping experience and a variety of tantalizing flavors. From fruity concoctions to dessert-inspired treats, each blend offers a unique, satisfying hit perfect for those looking to elevate their vaping journey.




Start your vaping journey with Ninja Vapes, your one-stop shop for the well-respected Doozy Vape Co. quality e-liquids that are shipped all over the world. Doozy, a passionate vaper who founded the company in 2015, has grown to become one of the most respected vape brands globally, known for its high-quality e-liquids that come in a wide range of flavours.

Experts and novices alike will enjoy Doozy's extensive assortment of tastes, which include Fruits, Ice, Menthol, Dessert, Candy, Cocktails, and Tobacco. Driven by creativity, we put forth endless effort to attain perfection by combining knowledge, uniqueness, and painstaking attention to detail to make Doozy the best choice for vapers all over the world.

Our vape juice selection includes various bottle sizes and compositions, from 10ml 50:50 blends perfect for transitioning from cigarettes to advanced options like Salt Nicotine products in 10mg, 20mg, 30mg, and 50mg. Indulge in our Hi VG mix of flavors in 0mg 50ml Short fill, also known as Shake and Vape, with 30 PG 70 VG blends requiring a Nicotine Shot for those who prefer nicotine in their vape.

Catering to a global audience, we offer pre-mixed nicotine liquids in 60ml and 100ml sizes for our non-EU customers. Dive into the world of Nicotine Salts with 30ml bottles and higher nicotine strengths of 30mg and 50mg, providing a satisfying vaping experience.

In response to the 2020 Menthol Tobacco ban in the UK, our Ice Menthol flavour ranges, including the Doozy Cool Collection and Juice Junki, have gained popularity. Explore the refreshing Menthol Flavour in our 50/50 range. Elevate your vaping experience with Ninja Vapes and discover why Doozy Vape Co. is synonymous with excellence in the world of e-liquids.

Is Doozy a good vape?

Absolutely! Doozy Vape Co is renowned for its high-quality e-liquids, offering a diverse range of flavours that cater to both connoisseurs and novices. Elevate your vaping experience with the excellence that Doozy Vape Co. brings to every bottle.

What are the ingredients in doozy vape?

Doozy Vape Co uses premium ingredients, including high-quality vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and authentic food flavourings in their e-liquids. The result is a rich and flavourful vaping experience that meets the highest standards of quality.

How do Nic salts work?

Nic salts work by combining nicotine with an organic acid, creating a smoother compound that allows for faster absorption and a more satisfying vaping experience. This formulation is particularly effective in low-powered devices, providing a quick and efficient nicotine delivery.