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Hayati emerged as a trendsetting brand capturing the enthusiasm of the UK's youth with its chic designs and diverse flavor offerings. Beyond being a fashion statement, Hayati prioritized health, investing in extensive research for a product that not only delighted but also offered a safer alternative to smoking.

The brand's commitment to health resonated, making it a symbol of a health-conscious generation. Hayati actively collaborated with organizations to raise awareness about smoking risks, initiating campaigns to educate parents and teachers. The brand's impact was tangible, contributing to a substantial decrease in youth smoking rates, solidifying Hayati as a household name and a driving force for a healthier lifestyle.

As a brand, we extend our influence beyond personal choices, actively engaging in community initiatives. Partnering with organizations, we spearhead campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and promote Hayati as a responsible alternative. Our vision goes beyond creating a trend; it's about fostering a movement towards a healthier future.

Join the Hayati community and experience vaping like never before. Embrace style, indulge in flavour, and make a conscious choice for your health. Hayati is not just a disposable vape; it's a lifestyle, a movement, and the embodiment of a commitment to a healthier you. Welcome to the world of Hayati.

Is Hayati a good vape brand?

Hayati has gained popularity as a reputable vape brand, known for its sleek designs, diverse flavours, and commitment to providing a safer alternative. It has become a preferred choice for those seeking both style and a health-conscious vaping experience.

Who owns Hayati vapes?

Hayati vapes is owned and operated by a team of professionals committed to delivering a stylish and safe vaping experience. The brand's ownership is vested in individuals dedicated to the well-being of their customers.

What is the new Hayati vape?

Introducing the latest addition to the Hayati vape lineup a sleek and innovative vaping device designed for style-conscious users. Experience the cutting-edge technology and unique flavours of the new Hayati vape.

Is hayati the same as Crystal?

No, Hayati and Crystal are distinct vape brands, each with its range of products and flavours. Explore the unique offerings of both brands for a diverse vaping experience.