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Ultimate Salts Soda Lemon & Lime Cola 10ml

Ultimate Salts Soda Lemon & Lime Cola 10ml

Brand: Ultimate Salt

An very hot blend of classic cola is complimented with a wonderful lemon and lime. A zesty soda nic salt to refresh your days. A traditional cola vape juice with a twist of lemon and lime. 10ml E-liquid with variable nicotine strengths.

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Ultimate Salts Soda Lemon and Lime Cola 10ml | Best Price

Ultimate Salts Soda Lemon & Lime Cola 10ml

Cola with lemon and lime. A delicious lemon and lime complement an extremely hot combination of classic cola.

This e-liquid, which has a 50 percent VG content, works well with mouth-to-lung vape kits, such as a starter kit or a pod device. When vaped, it produces a low amount of vapour with a distinct flavour.

Ultimate Salts has designed a combination that delivers a pleasant throat hit without reducing nicotine concentration by employing salt nicotine. Nic Salt is available in nicotine levels of 10mg and 20mg.


  • Bottles of 10ml
  • Nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg
  • Specifically made for mouth-to-lung vape setups.
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Bottle that can be recycled

Enjoy the lively combination of Lemon Lime Cola Nic Salt E-liquid by Ultimate Puff Soda, a tempting mix of tart citrus and exemplary cola flavours. With a reviving eruption of lemon and lime, supplemented by the rich and effervescent taste of cola pop, it guarantees a delightful and strengthening vape experience.

Accessible in 10ml bottles, with nicotine qualities of 10mg and 20mg, Ultimate Puff Lemon Lime Cola Soda Nic Salt E-Liquid guarantees quick nicotine conveyance and outstanding flavour creation. Created with a fair 50/50 VG/PG proportion, it's viable with both pen-style and unit-style vape packs, offering flexibility for vapers, all things considered.

Enlivened by expendable flavours, each suppress gives to 3,000 puffs, introducing a financially savvy and maintainable option in contrast to dispensable vapes. Raise your vaping venture with the reviving mix of lemon, lime, cola, and soda in each puff.

What are the ingredients in Ultimate Salts?

Ultimate Salts e-liquids contain high-quality ingredients including nicotine salts, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and natural and artificial flavourings. Each blend is carefully crafted for a premium vaping experience with a smooth throat hit and rich flavour profile.

What is the most flavourful Nic salt juice?

Discover intense flavour sensations with our range of nicotine salt juices, each crafted to deliver maximum flavour satisfaction. Whether you crave the boldness of tangy fruits, the richness of desserts, or the complexity of savory blends, there's a Nic salt juice waiting to tantalize your taste buds at Ninja Vapes.

What does cola lime vape taste like?

Cola lime vape delivers a delightful fusion of tangy lime and classic cola flavours, creating a refreshing and invigorating taste experience. It's a perfect blend for vapers seeking a unique and flavourful vaping sensation.

What is the best citrus Nic salt?

The best citrus Nic salt offers a zesty and refreshing burst of citrus flavours, delivering a tangy and invigorating vaping experience. With options like lemon, lime, or orange, it's the perfect choice for vapers craving a bright and vibrant flavour profile.

Ultimate Nic Salt Flavours:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Cola
  • Soda
  • Ultimate Nic Salt Specifications:

    Bottle Size 10ml bottles
    Proportion 50% VG | 50% PG
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths
    Mixed and bottled in an ISO 7 cleanroom
    Designed for mouth to lung vape kits
    Childproof cap
    Tamper evident seal

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    Ultimate Salts Soda Lemon & Lime Cola 10ml reviews

    11 Customer review(s)

    "Ultimate Salts Soda Lemon Lime Cola 10ml With its blend of lemon and lime flavors, that s the experience that Lemon Lime Cola by Ultimate Puff captures. Using nicotine salts results in a minimal throat hit and a quicker nicotine hit, Perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping on low-wattage devices."


    Hasib . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of June 2022

    "It s fantastic. It has a coke-like flavour. Although I couldn t detect any lemon or lime flavour, it was still enjoyable."


    Packard . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "The little cola flavour reminds me of a slush puppy, and it s delicious."


    Albie . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "For those who enjoy sweet liquids, this has a lovely lime flavour and is rather sweet."


    Rotten . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "Nice smoke, excellent flavour, and no unpleasant burning feeling in the throat after smoking."


    Gerard Harbison . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "Really like the Coca-Cola and lime, and would definitely suggest it."


    Kerf . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "Different from my typical taste, yet once again, I was blown away by the delicacy."


    Devoret . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "So flavorful. One of the most delicious I ve ever had highly recommend"


    Goldman . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "Good sense of taste It would be preferable if you could sense the lime more."


    Michel Temer . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "For me, this is a top choice. Wonderful delicious combo. Cola and lime go along well."


    Marcus . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021

    "Great Flavors Liquid is without a doubt one of the greatest I ve ever experienced."


    Bruce Faber . Verified Buyer Review . 27th of September 2021