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VG: 70%

Dinner Lady Nic Salts Pink Wave 10ml


Brand: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady with Pink Wave Salts In this 10ml Nicotine Salt E-liquid bottle, you'll find ripe strawberries, zesty orange, creamy coconut, and other delicious fruits. A genuine vape juice with unique medley of juicy strawberries, ripe and sweet oranges and smooth coconut aftertaste.

E-Liquid Nicotine Strength:
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Dinner Lady Nic Salts Pink Wave 10ml

Pink Wave Salts Dinner Lady A delicious fruit blend of ripe strawberries, zesty orange, and creamy coconut is featured in this Nicotine Salt E-liquid 10ml bottle.

Dinner Lady Nicotine Salt E-liquids is a great brand with a 50% VG ( Vegetable Glycerine ) and 50% Mixed PG ( Propylene Glycol ) concentration ratio, as well as high-quality food flavourings and Salt nicotine. MTL ( Mouth To Lung ) vaping at its finest!

Leave on a tempting excursion with Pink Wave from Dinner Lady, an extraordinary and liberal flavour experience not to be disregarded. With its charming mix of strawberry, orange, and coconut, each puff commitments a velvety sensation joined by bursts of scrumptiousness, making it an absolute requirement for any vaping fan looking for something remarkable.

As a component of the Dinner Lady Salts collection, Pink Wave includes a reasonable 50VG/50PG base, ideal for most MTL gadgets like unit frameworks and vape pens. Made in the UK with premium-quality fixings, this e-liquid offers smooth throat hits and quick relief of desires with its nicotine salt plan, accessible in qualities of 10mg and 20mg. Indulge yourself with this rich flavour that adds a bit of warmth to your vaping venture.

What is Nic Salt?

Nic salt, short for nicotine salt, is a type of nicotine formulation used in e-liquids. It provides a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption compared to traditional freebase nicotine, offering a more satisfying vaping experience.

What flavour is pink wave dinner lady?

Pink Wave by Dinner Lady is a delectable blend of strawberry, orange, and coconut, offering vapers a creamy and deliciously fruity flavour experience that's sure to delight the taste buds with every puff.

What is the ratio of Dinner Lady vape juice?

Dinner Lady vape juice features a balanced VG/PG ratio, ensuring optimal flavour delivery and vapor production. With quality ingredients and careful craftsmanship, each blend promises a satisfying vaping experience.

What are the flavours of dinner lady desserts?

Dinner Lady Desserts feature a variety of tantalizing flavours including classics like Lemon Tart and Strawberry Custard, offering vapers a delectable assortment of dessert-inspired e-liquids bursting with rich and indulgent taste experiences.

Dinner Lady Nic Salt Flavours:

  • Fruits
  • Coconut
  • Dinner Lady Nic Salt Specifications:

    Bottle Size 10ml bottles
    Proportion 50% VG | 50% PG
    Nicotine strength 10mg | 20mg
    Made UK
    Salt and Freebase Nicotine Blends
    Designed for Starter Kits and Pod Devices
    Childproof cap
    Tamper evident seal
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    Moin on 17th of June 2022

    Dinner Lady Nic Salts Pink Wave 10ml Excellent unique and delicious flavour. strawberry is not too sweet. Lovely all day vape Thanks Ninja vapes.


    Lennon on 23rd of September 2021

    This one has a flavour combination I ve never encountered before, and it s delicious. recommend


    Eric on 23rd of September 2021

    Excellent sweetness and a silky texture 10mg.


    John Smith on 23rd of September 2021

    It tastes like love candy and has a strong and pleasant flavour. I just placed another purchase with them


    Kevin on 23rd of September 2021

    I wasn t certain about this at first since it seemed unfamiliar, but after a few puffs, I have to admit it s really amazing.


    Ella Hunt on 23rd of September 2021

    It has a really wonderful smooth flavour to it, with a little strawberry and a hint of coconut, and I believe it s well balanced. Dinner Lady has come up with another delectable flavour.


    Carl Hart on 23rd of September 2021

    One of my favourites, with a sweet and nice taste.


    Darrell Hudson on 23rd of September 2021

    This is pretty damn awesome this is my first time smoking this taste from Dinner Lady, and I will be ordering more.


    E. Shoen on 23rd of September 2021

    Excellent flavour and prompt arrival. This is something I would recommend.


    Joe Wilkinson on 23rd of September 2021

    This tasting was fantastic, and I will be getting it again in the upcoming. It s not my usual go-to, but it s now on my list.


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