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VG: 70%

IVG Nic Salt Spearmint 10ml


Brand: IVG

Spearmint Sweets vape juice by IVG is a blend of chilly and sweet sounds. The spearmint has a flowery flavour with cold undertones. A juicy 10ml disposable E-liquid bottle with variable nicotine strengths.

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E-Liquid Nicotine Strength:
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IVG Nic Salt Spearmint 10ml

IVG's Spearmint nicotine salt e-liquid has a mix of chilly and sweet tones. The spearmint has a flowery flavour with smooth, cool undertones. On exhalation, the candy flavour leaves a sweet aftertaste.

IVG has produced a blend that delivers a pleasant throat hit without reducing nicotine concentration by employing salt nicotine. Spearmint Sweets comes in two nicotine strengths: 10mg and 20mg.

IVG, a UK-based producer known for their focus on strong, often fruity flavours, launched the Salt line.


  • Bottles of 10ml
  • Nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg
  • Nicotine salt mixes
  • VG:PG:50%
  • Specifically made for mouth-to-lung vape setups.
  • Made in the United Kingdom

Presenting Spearmint nicotine salt e-liquid by IVG, a magnificent mix of cool and sweet notes. Experience the invigorating taste of spearmint with unobtrusive botanical feelings, supplemented by a smooth cold sensation and a bit of treat pleasantness on breathing out.

Created with a 50% VG focus, this e-liquid is ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping gadgets, giving prudent vapor creation and an articulated flavour profile. Accessible in 10mg and 20mg nicotine qualities, IVG's Salt collection guarantees a smooth throat hit without settling for less nicotine content. Investigate the intense and fruity flavours created by IVG, an eminent UK-based producer devoted to conveying remarkable vaping encounters.

What is Nic Salt?

Nic salt, short for nicotine salt, is a type of nicotine formulation used in e-liquids. It provides a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption compared to traditional freebase nicotine, offering a more satisfying vaping experience.

What percentage of nicotine is in IVG?

IVG salt nicotine e-liquids typically contain nicotine strengths of 10mg or 20mg, providing options for vapers seeking varying levels of nicotine intensity. This formulation ensures a smooth throat hit and fast nicotine absorption for a satisfying vaping experience.

What does spearmint vape taste like?

Spearmint vape offers a refreshing blend of cool, minty flavour with fine floral undertones, followed by a hint of sweet candy on exhale. It's a crisp and invigorating choice for vapers seeking a refreshing vaping experience.

What is the best Spearmint vape juice?

The best Spearmint vape juice delivers a perfect balance of cool, refreshing mintiness with a hint of sweetness, providing a satisfying and invigorating vaping experience. Look for one that offers a smooth throat hit and a clear, pronounced flavor profile to enjoy the true essence of Spearmint.

IVG Nic Salt Flavours:

  • Spearmint
  • IVG Nic Salt Specifications:

    Bottle Size 10ml bottles
    Proportion 50% VG | 50% PG
    Made UK
    Nicotine strength 10mg | 20mg
    Salt Nicotine Blends
    Designed for Starter Kits and Pod Devices
    Childproof cap
    Tamper evident seal
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    Waris on 20th of June 2022

    IVG Nic Salt Spearmint 10ml Best used with cigarette-like devices which are different from any other liquids. It s like vaping a thick shake that s loaded with extra Cream. VERY Happy Thanks, Ninja vapes.


    Richard Branson on 16th of November 2021

    Best flavour of this range. Very smooth and cool hit. It is perfect in terms of both taste and price.


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