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New Nerd Pod 3500 Puffs Prefilled Pod 0mg | Check Price


Brand: Nerd

This Nerd Pod 3500 Basic Kit can deliver up to 3500 puffs with your preferred flavored pod, which can last for days. It has a soft touch ergonomic design and can be fully recharged. The Nerd Pod 3500 Kit is available in a variety of colors.

Flavours :
Share: New Nerd Pod 3500 Puffs Prefilled Pod 0mg | Check Price

This Nerd Pod 3500 Basic Kit is compatible with Nerd Pods and provides up to 3500 puffs of your preferred E-liquid flavor, which will last for days. It features a soft touch ergonomic design and is fully rechargeable.

Anyone who enjoys a zesty and energizing flavor will adore the Nerd Pod Prefilled Pod. This pod is ideal for anyone looking for a hassle-free and handy vaping experience because it contains 0mg of nicotine and offers 3500 puffs. Your taste senses will be satisfied by the flavor's flawless blend of sweet and acidic flavors. This pod is ideal for every situation, whether you're searching for a midday pick-me-up, or a soothing nighttime vape.

It only takes a few seconds to insert the Nerd Pod Prefilled Pod into your vaping device and use it. Refills won't be a concern for you. Simply throw away an empty pod to go on to the next one.

Nerd Pod 3500 Puffs Flavour:

  1. Blackcurrant Lemonade
  2. Blue Razz Lemonade
  3. Blueberry Ice
  4. Blueberry Pomegranate
  5. Blueberry Raspberry
  6. Cherry Raspberry
  7. Cola Ice
  8. Energy Strawberry
  9. Fiji Apple
  10. Fresh Mint
  11. Grape Ice
  12. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  13. Mango Ice
  14. NRG Bull
  15. Passion Fruit
  16. Pink Grapefruit
  17. Pink Lemonade
  18. Sour Blue Raspberry
  19. Watermelon Bubblegum

Nerd Pod 3500 Puffs Specifications:

1 Puffs: Up to Vape 6000 Puffs
2 E-liquid: 8ml Prefilled Pods
3 Nicotine Strength: 0mg Nic Salt
4 Beginner-Friendly
5 No Maintenance is Required
6 Mesh Coil Technology
7 Soft Touch

19 Reviews For New Nerd Pod 3500 Puffs Prefilled Pod 0mg | Check Price

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Louis on 2nd of June 2023

Good flavour Blueberry is not as potent as I had anticipated, but it s still a good smoke if you prefer more of an berry flavour. Blueberry ice and ice hits really strike the spot. Thanks ninja vapes.


Payton on 22nd of May 2023

This flavor was new to me, but it quickly became a favorite. It has an identical flavor to the vintage cherry raspberry drops. I heartily endorse this. Thanks ninja vapes.


Luan on 8th of May 2023

Delicious, flavorful, and incredibly effective. Simple to use. I wholeheartedly advise anyone looking for a nicotine-free substitute. Thanks.


Cedar on 20th of April 2023

I cherished this Additionally, I have never completed a five-star handy size due to its vape design. Thanks.


Zale on 12th of April 2023

fantastic flavour Very happy with this purchase.


Karl on 30th of March 2023

This should have been a new favourite flavour based on the other flavours I ve tried, yet, despite being pleasant, it doesn t compare favourably to blueberry raspberry or cherry raspberry. Not as strong a flavour as those, though, but still generally acceptable Thanks


Zyler on 30th of March 2023

Gave it a 4 star since it is nice but has a really strong flavour, which is what I would like, but I took a star off because I don t like it too strong. Thanks.


Xavier on 20th of March 2023

With 8ml of e-liquid already added, the pod portion is ready to use. You can swap out the pod once the e-liquid within the pod component runs out. The ability to employ several flavours is the largest benefit. Thanks.


Bernie on 9th of March 2023

Great everyday refill bottles. Fast delivery Thanks.


Owen on 27th of February 2023

New Nerd Pod for the first time. It keeps charge so far and had fantastic flavour. There are none. Thanks.


Oliver on 14th of February 2023

The artwork is wonderful, and the favour is fantastic. The design is fantastic, and I appreciate the variety of flavours. I ll be purchasing constantly. Thanks.


Justina on 10th of February 2023

I took from box and not working at all ( what a disappointing vape definitely I don t recommend this one


Aureliano on 6th of February 2023

For almost all vapers, it is an inactive vape. With these pods, there are no messy refills or tiny coils to change, and maintenance is also not necessary. Thanks.


Gene on 30th of January 2023

Never before have I seen one with such a unique flavour and appearance.Thanks.


Ulric on 27th of January 2023

Create flavour and variety. quality that is constant throughout. My favourite single-use item. Thanks ninja vapes.


Oz on 25th of January 2023

Very best It tastes and looks good Excellent and prompt shipping And the tool is faultless Thanks.


Leox on 24th of January 2023

I received a fantastic selection. It almost seems as if they were aware of my favourite flavours. I had a lot of luck with what they chose for me. Thanks.


Armstrong on 20th of January 2023

The taste is wonderful and juicy. The best battery life or extended use is achieved through air flow. Thanks.


Jenifen on 16th of November 2021

BLACK REUSABLE FACE MASK PACK is excellent for those who have sensitive skin. It saves your face from dust and reduces the risk of pollution and every kind of harmful gases. Thanks, Ninja Vapes